Instagram, by Facebook, is all set to let its members share innumerable video footages by using a latest version of their video application, which would include an option for importing video clips from the media library of many android powered smartphones.

Instagram has released an upgraded version of 4.1 on Wednesday. It features an option that helps to import various videos from the memory of smartphone devices. It also offers a broad range of android supportive features that would help people to use any gadget powered by the operating system of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It would even allow a 15 second video feature service. In addition to all these, the latest version of updated iOS compatible Instagram is also available with an advanced camera tool, which would help to straighten crooked pictures automatically.

Instagram VideosThe company mentioned in their blogpost, “We are certainly taking the pleasure to announce that we have been able to develop our latest technology to bring in straight photos for you instantly. Users need to straighten an icon in order to get corrected photograph.” According to the blogpost of Instagram, “The tool for straightening photos also includes a slider. This will help users to adjust and rotate any picture – either clicked through the camera or imported from the image library.”

The much awaited update is released in less than a couple of months after Facebook’s Instagram released an option for the videos that can shoot for about 15 seconds, in pieces and bits. The latest importing option added for bringing in and sharing stored videos would definitely add a notable dimension to overall experience by a user. People can now be able to choose through a wide number of previously recorded video clips and even trim them as necessary. Video captures certainly do not have to be spontaneous as used to be after introduction of such an effective tool.

This latest tool, introduced by Instagram, would also come in handy to differentiate between any video of Instagram with its predecessor known as Vine. The earlier tool of Vine is an application, owned by Twitter. It certainly offers commendable service to create videos of duration not exceeding more than 6 seconds. However, a loop associated with the tool, bars any user to utilize video clips and footages taken at an earlier period.

Presently, there is a heavy competition between these two valuable applications from Instagram and Twitter, who are taking every step to pitch over the other and release an advanced tool in order to surpass the other. Their race to achieve mobile crown has eventually added to the advantage of users, who are enjoying an advanced video tool frequently.

However, Instagram has a record active user, over 130 million, which is certainly offering the company a commendable edge over Vine. On the other hand, CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo has mentioned that their application tool is spreading wings according to their expectations. Another record showed an interesting increase in downloading the non-game video app of quirky from the app store of Apple.