Halloween 2013 will be here before you know it. Do you have your costume picked out yet?  If not, you better start thinking of at least a general theme that you want to stick with.  So what are some of the hottest trends this year for Halloween?  Consider any one of these ideas to have a spectacular holiday and wow your friends.

The Best Halloween Costumes For 2013

  • Go from someone in history.  There are many great costumes on the market for this.  Maybe go as Elvis, Ben Franklin, Cleopatra, King Arthur, Betsy Ross, or Queen Mary of Scott.
  • Presidents rock and are a great way to add some extra fun to your holiday.  Be past or present, the choice is yours.  Washington, Lincoln, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Obama.  There are many to pick from, and you can even research some of their famous quotes to say.  Your family and friends will get a kick out this.
  • Rock out with famous celebs.  There are so many to pick from.  Guys and girls both could go as Lady Gaga.   Michael Jackson is always a fun one because you can learn how to do the moonwalk. Other good ones for the females would be Brittney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, or Katy Perry.   Marilyn Monroe also makes a fun choice for the ladies.  Men might like to dress up as Hugh Hefner, Jay Z, or Brett Michaels.
  • Go with a funny costume. Dress up as something ridiculous such as a crayon or a an M&M.  Or be a hamburger, hotdog, or slice of pizza.  Adults may wish to go as a can of beer, or a pregnant nun.
  • Characters count.  Consider going as Bart Simpson, an angry bird, Spiderman, Batman, a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle, Thor, Wolverine, Iron Man, Peter Griffin, really the possibilities are endless.
  • Go for the traditional costumes. Clowns are always very interesting.  If you wish outdo everyone else, then you can always do your clown makeup in a different fashion to give the clown an evil or demented look. 
  • Go traditional.  Be a vampire, a witch, a zombie, skeleton, ghost or ghoul or jack o lantern.  Just make the look yours by adding some unique touches that no one else will think of.

These ideas are just some great ways you can make Halloween 2013 wonderful. The best 2013 Halloween costumes can be bought anywhere, but please note that it takes attitude to make the costumes even better.  Get into the role and really be who your costume says that you are.  If you are Elvis, learn a few of his songs.  Or learn how to sneer your lips like Elvis so often did.  If you are going to go as Thor, make sure to complete the look with his hammer.  If you are going to be Peter Griffin, then learn some funny jokes to tell.  This will complete the look and let everyone know that you are serious about having a wonderful time at Halloween.