One of the one things I struggle with as a homeowner is figuring out what trees to use to accent my Landscaping Plants and make my yard beautiful. I know what trees I like, but will they do as well in my yard as they do in someone else’s? I did a little digging and came up with a few winners I think you’ll enjoy if you are in the same boat as I am when it comes to picking trees to make your yard pop.

How To Accent Your Flowers And Choose Landscaping Trees For Your Yard

Landscape Trees for Spring

  • Magnolia Trees:
  • If Spring brings about a feeling of renewal and beauty for you, you might consider planting a tree that provides some spectacular foliage in the early spring months. Nothing is quite as spectacular in the spring as a flowering magnolia tree. There are a few different types of magnolias out there such as star magnolias which begin blooming very early in Spring while the saucer magnolias wait a bit, but produce a much larger flower.

  • Varieties of Apple Trees:
  • Apple trees aren’t just for apple lovers. Apple trees are for people who enjoy looking at beautiful blooms in the spring. The fresh apples that they produce in later months are just a bonus. Apple trees make great ornamental trees for any outdoor decor.

Landscape Trees for Summer

  • Dogwood Trees:
  • To carry the spring blooms over into summer, be sure to plant a few dogwood trees in your yard alongside your spring ornamentals. Dogwoods bloom in the spring, a bit later than some of the others, but they also offer some unique ornamental branch designs in the summer and beautiful colored leaves in the fall. These trees are gorgeous for most of the year.

  • Japanese Maple Trees:
  • This one is a little bit unique, but it’s because they make great autumn trees…in the summer. Japanese maples turn vibrantly red during the late summer months…well before the other ornamental trees begin to change, offering some beautiful coloration to your summer lawn.

Landscape Trees for Autumn

  • Types of Maple Trees:
  • While Japanese Maples tend to turn colors early, others in the maple family wait for a more appropriate time of year for their fall coloration appearance. Sugar maples are much larger than Japanese maples but offer a brilliant color display in the fall and provide plenty of shade in the summer.

Landscape Trees for Winter

  • Blue Spruce Trees:
  • Blue spruce trees offer a splash of color against a cold and somewhat bleak background. Blue spruces are a Christmas classic and not only offer a spot of green i your year, but also offer you an opportunity to decorate an outside Christmas tree if the mood strikes.

  • Dwarf Alberta Spruce Trees:
  • Dwarf Alberta spruces are also popular in landscaping. As a matter of fact, many homeowners use them to frame an entryway for a classy look thanks to their relatively small size and ease of maintenance. They are so easy to keep that they are often treated as potted plants for several years before being transferred to the yard permanently.

As you can see, adding ornamental trees to your yard can be an easy, yet beautiful way to add color and design to your yard. For more information about Landscaping Trees visit:

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