Most creative agencies do not adopt a confined approach while choosing their projects or hiring new employees. A high-quality creative agency requires staff that possesses different and unconventional set of skills. They would need designers, copy writers, artists, accountants and many other types of professionals. However, one good thing about ad agencies is that they offer a very good salary package to their employees. For example, if you can get a job in a reputable New York creative agency, your chances of earning a handsome living are very high. The following tips will help you start your career in a creative agency:

How To Start Your Career In A Creative Agency


To work as a professional in a creative agency, it is highly recommended that you do your bachelors or masters in Mass Communication or advertising. Make sure you take your studies seriously and try to maintain a healthy CGPA. While studying, you should look to do internship in any reputable ad agency, which should help you gain exposure and build contacts in the field, which is necessary in the world of advertising.

Work as a Freelancer

You can boost your portfolio by working as a freelancer with any local creative agency. This is a part-time job, helping you earn handsome money and can be managed while studying. It should definitely help you in understanding the dynamics of this field and if you really want to take it as a career.

Be Flexible in the Position you Accept

Taking into account the scarcity of jobs in most countries, it is highly recommended that you do not confine yourself to a certain level of position that you are willing to accept. If you find any post in a good advertising agency, you should grab the opportunity and look to step up the ladder by performing well even at an entry-level position. Keep in mind there is no shortcut to success.

Build a Perspective

If you want to be successful in the world of advertising, it is imperative for you to build your perspective about old creative campaigns and advertising history. This would really help you gain attention of the creative agencies.

Learn the Production aspects of Advertising

If you are not familiar with the production aspects of advertising, you may get yourself enrolled in a technical or evening school course. By highlighting the courses in progress in your resume, you can definitely show your commitment to the industry and would leave a good impression on the employer.

Head to a Job Placement Service

The next step is to contact the job placement services in your area that focus on marketing, advertising or designing jobs. Most of these services have contacts in the field and should definitely help you find a lucrative job.