There are many different deals for broadband Internet from numerous Internet Service providers out there, but it pays to do a little research so you can choose the right deal for you. First of all it is important to know the types of broadband Internet is are available in your area. The three most common types of broadband Internet for residential customers are: Fibre optic, cable and DSL.

Choosing An Internet Package

Fibre optic broadband is by far the fastest and most stable of the three. However, it is usually more expensive to install and not available in all areas. Fibre optic broadband has blisteringly fast upload and download speeds due its high bandwidth. It uses a fibre optic cable to transmit data via pulses of light; this gives this type of connection its speed and stability. You also have your own fibre optic cable installed in your home, so it is not shared with anyone else.

Cable broadband is usually the second fastest and uses a digital TV cable to transmit data. Cable is also not available in all areas. The disadvantage of cable is that Internet speeds drop when a lot of users use the cable for Internet at the same time. However, this tends to be more of an issue in densely populated areas.

Choosing An Internet Package

ADSL is typically considered the slowest of the three, although the gap between ADSL and cable is reducing thanks to new technology. It is also the least stable. This is because it uses the copper telephone lines that are installed in most buildings to transmit data, and these lines can often suffer from interference and noise. This can create slower Internet speeds. Also speeds tend to suffer if you are a long distance away from the telephone exchange. However, ADSL is usually fast enough most of the time for most people’s needs, and new technology is bridging the gap between ADSL and cable.

Another important factor in choosing an Internet service provider is price. Fibre optic tends to be the expensive, although the extra cost is often worth it because it is so fast and stable. Using a price comparison website is a great way to find Internet deals at the best prices. However, it is wise to also visit the individual ISPs website and read the small print. Many ISPs offer promotional offers of Internet and other services at a reduce price for a limited period of time. The price will increase once the promotional period ends, so you may end paying more in the long run.

Fibre optic broadband is not available everywhere just yet, but it is becoming more and more common. Many of the ISPS offer fibre optic and well as ADSL. Fastweb have the more extensive fibre optic network in Europe. Because Fastweb implemented Internet protocols onto their network, their customers enjoy blisteringly fast internet, VOIP calls and digital TV on just one single cable. They have several packages for mobile devices too, as well as SIMs for mobile phones.

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