Your crowning glory; your flowing locks; your shining tresses; your gorgeous mane. There are many very nice ways to describe something that is rather simple- the hair on your head. With so much attention being paid to hair and how you wear it, it’s not surprising to consider just how much time and money some of us spend on our hair, with expensive cuts, changing the color, treating it with obscure ocean minerals for extra shine and bounce, and just the time spent in front of the mirror with a comb and some hairspray- as we attempt to get the look just right. Therefore, it can be so very disappointing to think about just how much of that hair goes down the drain when we are taking a bath or a shower, and this is not even something we actually think about, until the drain clogs up and stops working.

Be Cautious Of The Clog: Hair And Your Drains

Loss is Part of Life

Most of us don’t notice it when we lose hair, unless it gets to the point where the hair isn’t replacing itself, and it’s just a few short years until you look like Homer Simpson. For those of us not going bald, we will still lose anywhere between 50 and 130 hairs per day, depending on your hair type, and that doesn’t even take into consideration all the hair that naturally falls off other parts of your body. Since this rate of hair loss is considered normal, we don’t really notice it… but your drain often will.

Hand Repair

Sometimes when showering, we will notice that the water is draining as efficiently as it should, and a cursory inspection finds a huge amount of slimy hair hooked around the drain, partially clogging the entrance to the pipe. It can be possible to remove a large portion of this hair just using our fingers, or a pair of bathroom tweezers (although please remember to clean these before you/your spouse/your roommate plucks their eyebrows). The hair that comes out of a drain seems to be vastly different from the hair on our head, considering it’s been soaking in dirty water for the last days, weeks or months, and smells appropriately unpleasant. For more information on how to unblock a clogged shower drain, you can contact

The Importance of Maintenance

If we are diligent and remember to actually pick the hair out of the drain on a regular basis, this can often be enough to keep the drain clear of blockages. If you’re at the higher end of the scale of hair loss, then you can also purchase a fitted piece of fine mesh to place over the drainage hole, which will catch hair before it has the chance to enter the pipe. It can also be a great idea to regularly use a drain cleaner, but be sure to only use one that’s recommended for your particular pipes. Plastic pipes are increasingly common, and they can’t often handle heavy-duty drain cleaners.

It’s important to keep an eye on your drains to ensure that they don’t become clogged. Picking clumps of hair out of the drain isn’t exactly pleasant, but this is far easier than intensive drain repair service – which can often cost so much that your hair might actually fall out!