Psychologists use psychological assessment or testing to assess their patients and get better understanding of their mindset. Through these procedures they dig through multiple levels of a person’s mindset, including barriers developed by them and external influences. These tests also help to find out IQ of people, their points of weaknesses and strengths. However, psychological tests are time specific and this is one aspect psychologists always mention in their assessments.

Basics Of Psychological Assessment Demystified

Basics of Psychological Tests

Psychological testing is an extensive process and there can be many rounds of assessments involved. Specific tests are meant for measuring IQ, personality traits, problems areas in mind and so on. These are done by licensed psychologists in industry accepted manners. The timing of tests can vary based on condition of the person. It can involve both paper and pen test and tests using computers. On an average, Psychological testing can be segregated in 4 stages- a Clinical Interview, Intellectual Functioning Assessment, Assessment of Personality and finally Behavioral Assessment. For students and job seekers, additional session may be included at times.

Clinical Interview

It is a part of almost any psychological test. They take place in office of a psychologist and duration can vary between 1 and 2 hours. It helps the psychologist to get information on family and background of person. The psychologist may ask for detailed information from the candidate. This can also be computerized.

IQ Assessment

IQ assessment does not serve as a standard for general intelligence measurement. To test a man or woman’s intellectual functions, neuropsychological assessment and intelligence tests are conducted. Intelligence tests comprise of Wechsler scales and Stanford-Binet tests. Neuropsychological assessment is lengthier in nature and can exceed 2 days. It covers cognitive strengths and drawbacks of a person. Usually, this is done for people who had undergone organic brain problem or brain damage.

The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale is possibly the most widely administered IQ test on people aged above 15 years. There is a version for kids though. It is divided in 4 parts- Verbal Comprehension Scale, Perceptual Reasoning Scale, Working Memory Scale and Processing Speed Scale.

Assessment of Personality

Personality assessment helps the psychologist better understand personality of the candidate. Now, personality comprises of incidents and events taken place throughout childhood and adolescence of a person. There are several environmental, social and genetic factors involved. Projective and objective personality tests are conducted on subjects. Projective tests comprise of Thematic Apperception Test, Rorschach Inkblot Test etc. Objective tests comprise of MCMI-III or MMPI-2 tests.

Behavioral Assessment

Behavioral assessment involves observation of a person’s behavior to try and analyze the thoughts. Through this process, psychologists can track behavioral pattern problems and alter them for betterment of the candidate. The basic of behavioral assessment is observing the person in an atmosphere where he or she can be at ease. This can be done at home as well. The therapist gets the chance to observe positive and negative behaviors. At times, this can also involve Self-monitoring and the therapist can ask the candidate to write down mod changes in a diary for a week or more.

Where it all Leads to

Psychological assessment involves various tests and methods to analyze mindset of candidates and those help the psychologist to draw conclusions on a person and suggest him or her solutions to improve metal state and overall lifestyle. This also involves compilations of volumes of data gathered by such tests and metrics. In most cases, the psychologists offer candidates a well researched and detailed analysis of their traits, pros and cons in mindset and personality. Irrespective of the findings, it is up to the individual to adhere to the suggestion of therapist and make initiatives to change life for better.

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