There are many ways to communicate in the business world, but some are a lot better than others. If you would like to increase the communication ability of your small business with employees, co-workers, and clients, then read on to discover the best communication methods in the business.

Peer-to-Peer Communication

Peer to peer communication is important in today’s digital world. A business should allow for plenty of communication between employees, departments, co-workers, and every other peer group in your business. Effective methods include team projects, daily or weekly meetings, e-mail, phone calls, video conferencing, and a variety of face-to-face communications.

Business-to-Business Communication        

Communication between businesses is also important. There are many modern methods to talk between businesses. Technology like VOIP services, virtual phone systems, video conferencing, cloud-based project sharing, and even old-fashioned phone calls can make communication between businesses easier.

Small Business Communication 101
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Communications Technology

There are many communication methods available to the modern business. Some of these methods include:


VOIP is voice over Internet protocol. This service allows you to use phone services through Internet providers. This is usually less expensive than traditional phone service. VOIP also allows a variety of other services, like call forwarding, voice to text messages, and more.

Video Conferencing :

Video conferencing allows businesses to speak to each other directly in person without the need for physically visiting the other person. Cisco communications found that video conferencing was the most effective form of communication in today’s modern world.

Virtual Project Sharing :

Virtual project sharing allows people to share their projects with others. This helps promote collaboration between coworkers and also allows different businesses to share ideas and improve each others services and content.

Online Chat :

Online chat is a fast way to communicate with a person anywhere in the world. Online chat is basically fast e-mail, and can help a variety of people in a variety of industries.

Real-Time Project Editing :

Real-time project editing allows two or more people to work on the same project in the same place at once from anywhere in the world. When combined with other communication methods—such as video conferencing—real-time project editing is just as good as speaking and working with a person in the same room.

Psychological Aspects of Communication in Business

Psychology plays a big role in business communications. For example, different body language and voice inflections can convey different meanings to different cultures. Look at two ways how psychology affects business communication.

Standing Meetings :

Studies have shown that standing meetings are a beneficial way to improve creativity and mental alertness while conducting business. In addition to keeping people alert, it also prevents distractions like looking at a phone or playing with some other electronic device under the table.

Video Conferencing :

The Cisco study proved that video conferencing built relationships faster than any other form of virtual communication. With video, people feel like they get to know the other person. This means that coworkers or clients and other businesses will establish trust faster, leading to improved work performance and success.

The Rule of Three

The rule of three is another important business communication method. People are drawn to look at things broken into three sections. If you use the rule of three with all forms of business communication, marketing, writing, and speaking, then you will have greater business success and be able to get your meaning across better.

You can use these methods to improve your business communication in every single aspect of your small business. Having a small business does not mean you have to think small. These communications methods will help you reach all your goals.