Are you spending most of your time on computers and television sets? Then you are surely in trouble. Make sure that you are not addicted to those devices. Do not make the habit of spending your time on display devices. They will effect you a lot. You may think that they will affect the eyes but the researchers proved that this will even effect other parts of the body. Not only your eye will be affected but also your large intestine too. Strange to hear this. Right? But, its bit true of course bitter truth because it was proved in a research. You may have a question that “Why will it affect the intestine if we see it with our eyes?”, but the fact is as follows.

Don't Spare Most Of Your Time On Displays

It is nothing but a disease called polyps in intestine in which it cannot be cured even though if you go out for an evening walk or running and even exercises. It is mostly seen when the doctors take a test such as the colonoscopic tests for ensuring that whether you have a large intestine cancer or not. It is mostly found during this test. It is even cured during this process. So, why do you take a chance for getting infected to unknown diseases if everything is in your hand even though if you spare your time on display devices? Just regulate using of those devices. It is even said that this will infect again and again if you neglect it and keep on spending most of your time on computers and television sets and it was proved by the American scientists. It is compared with the people who spend seven hours a day with the people who spend more than eleven hours will be infected 45% more than that of the people who spend seven hours a day.

Don't Spare Most Of Your Time On Displays

But the most strange thing is that it is only found in men. Even though this polyps cancer does not affect lot but if infected a lot or not cared then this will surely lead to the the large intestine cancer. So, that is better to take care of yourself from avoiding this type of cancer in you to avoid further problems. It is said by Kristien Molementi of the Colombia University that even if you spend your time doing exercises such as running, jogging or evening walk and any others such as yoga also cannot help you from preventing this disease because you will be spending a lot of time on computers and television sets and you will bend over your stomach a little, which will impact your intestine as you sit idle for long periods of time. For example you are not allowed to walk in your office if you feel bored. In the same way it is better to spend a little on these devices at your home to prevent these type of diseases further.

It is better if you keep and maintain good health. If you once got addicted to sit or spend more amount of time on display devices so better make the rid of that habit for you and your family.

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