Wedding is a highly fashionable occasion, where it is not only about the bride or the groom, who need to look their best. It is one of those times when you get to dress up really well, and more so if you are busy person. Furthermore, it is not simply about fashion, but also about the wedding venue, choosing the right theme and more. Choosing the right gifts, the wedding card, the flowers, the furnishing and all add up to the glam quotient. As for the bride and the groom and their family, it is once in a lifetime affair.

Picking the Best Wedding Gown

You, as the bride would definitely want to go for the wow factor. So, first check out the wedding gowns which are trendy this season, and then decide which would be best for you.

Latest Fashion And Dresses For The Wedding

  1. Bare Backs are here
  2. If you are bold enough to opt for this highly classy and yet hot style for your wedding. Bare backs do look good, but consider your frame and fashion sense, before opting for one of the bare back wedding gowns. You need to have well toned back to look good in a bare back dress.

  3. Ditch the Whites
  4. In the old days, white was the trend during weddings. However, now it’s different and you can experiment with pastels and even bolder tones like those of reds and blues. You can also go for the floral gowns, which would make you look like the real fairy. Pastel shades inspired by candies and cupcakes are in, and would bring up your girly and sweet side.

  5. Long yet Sheer Sleeves add to the Charm
  6. Designers have brought on numerous styles for the brides. Previously it was mainly about the off shouldered dresses and or the simple one shouldered or t-necked ones. Now, it is about sheer long sleeves, which not only brings a huge change in the overall look, but also keeps you stay warn during the fall. Yet, the sheer lacy material keeps things comfy and light for you.

  7. Opt for the Tulle
  8. Yes tulle doesn’t only help you look great but sweet too, and yet it I slight and can be designed almost in any and every way. You can use it as a net and light layer over the gown, add volume to the gown without having to carry much weight, get the stylized layers over the gown, free form flowers and ruches and ruffles and what not with the tulle.

  9. Wrapping up for the Fall
  10. In this case too, you can use the tulle for staying warm during the fall wedding. Ditch the pashmina and opt for newer styles. Organza, knits, fur, marabou and capes too would look good, as per the designers. So, if you are experimental enough, go for the cape along with a well fitting wedding dress.

  11. Illusion
  12. Add sheer and delicate fabrics to your gown to bring over a hint of ethereal beauty and mystery to your look. You can ask your designer to use these materials for the back, the sleeves, or the necklines.

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