Originally, VPN or Virtual Proxy Networks were used by businesses and organizations to maintain long distance and secured network connections. It’s the safety, security and reliability of VPN networks that make companies invest in it.

These days, owing to the stability and security that VPN provides, individuals too have been using them. The mushrooming number of private VN Service Providers for individuals who offer anonymous browsing has made more people us VPN to surf anonymously.

However, what’s the use of VPN for individuals? Here, we look at the question on anonymity and what VPN offers in this regard.

Look in your internet browser, and you will see an option to go incognito. However, that’s just a way to stop others from prying what you are up to.

There are a number of reasons VPN helps people. While VPN providers love to sell VPN services stating that they provide the anonymity and secrecy, there’s a lot more to it than just.

Why should you use VPN for Anonymity?

Think about this. You want to carry out an online transaction. What you need is do it securely and know that you are not being spied upon or being tracked. VPN allows anonymous surfing, making sure your activities are not being tracked. What’s more, let’s suppose your PC has been infected with malware or Spyware. Keyloggers can also know what you are typing.  What you need is a more secure environment to download important files, surf websites or make transactions.

Using VPN For Anonymity

Secure your Passwords and Data

It’s simple. When you use VPN, all passwords and data that you use are encrypted. This ensures that your data is protected and do not fall in the hands of hackers. True, when you have complete anti-virus protection in your PC, you are expected to be protected from hackers, but VPN adds in that much needed extra layer of protection. If you do not have anti-virus in your PC, well, you need to use VPN all the time. With VPN, your passwords, online messages and financial transactions are all protected.

Stronger Protection for you

VPN’s also offer a stronger security than proxies and helps you have your IP anywhere. Effectively, it means you can access websites that might be blocked in your country too – yet another reason why people use VPN to surf anonymously.

Surf Anonymously

People use VPN to browse websites too. Be it unblocking Facebook or YouTube and anonymously using it, VPN allows you to bypass filters and firewalls set by your network. What’s more important, your VPN can inform you when you try to access sites infected with malware or those that indulge in phishing.

Use Public Wi-Fi with Ease

There’s also another interesting reason why people use VPN. If you are accessing internet from a public Wi-Fi network, someone can easily monitor and spy on your activities. Using VPN ensures that what you surf and the data you enter while browsing are kept private and secure. VPN services are today in vogue and the number of people using it is going up steadily.