A soffit is the under-structure of any architectural structure. Often times it’s the underneath of an arch, balcony or eaves and there are plenty in your home! Actually soffits are in a lot more places in your house. They are underneath stairs and ceilings, but the most commonly, soffits are found under the edges of the roof. While it’s easy to ignore roofing soffits and even acknowledge that they have a name, they are quite important. Houses need soffits because they create an area to vent the attic space, provide shade for windows, and give definition to the house and aid in keeping water away from the wall of the house.

Ventilation in the Attic

            Roofing soffits are easy and cheap to install and can do wonders for your house. First of all, it’s important to keep your attic ventilated for several reasons. In the summer, a more ventilated attic means a cooler house. The air circulation naturally keeps the cool air moving, and the hot air out. This can help decrease your utility bills and overall stress during high heat. During the winter, ventilation is jut as important. Although it may seem backwards to ventilate the attic when it’s cold out, the cooler air keeps the attic from overheating, preventing ice damming and other damages.

 Roofing Soffit: Why Do Houses Need It?

Shade for Windows

            The size of a soffit depends on the structure of the roof. If the roof is very wide, the soffit will be generally wide. The great thing about wider soffits is that they provide shade for the windows. During hot seasons it can keep the rooms cooler, especially if your house has a lot of windows.

Give Definition to the House

            Not only are soffits functional, they also serve a more aesthetic purpose. Soffits add dimension and definition to the house. In a way it serves as an extra paneling to the roof, giving a more sharp and crisp look to the house.

Aids in Keeping Water Away

            The great thing about soffits is that it protects your home from water damages and discoloration. Without soffits, rainwater can rot wood and attract unwanted pests. It can also discolor the walls of your home, giving it a more dated and unkempt look. Soffits make you home look nice and sharp but they also keep it from looking uncared for.

            Although weather and excessive rain damage soffits, they are easy and cheap to replace. Soffits provide you and your home with great benefits, both functional and aesthetic. No matter what the season is, soffits are useful. During winter, soffits with holes help keep the attic drier, preventing ice damming and other problems. Ventilation in the attic is just as important in the summer and not only do soffits provide a consistent air circulation, they can also shade windows. Installing roofing soffits is an easy and cheap little project. In the long run, soffits help you save time and money.

Written by the staff at G.P. Construction Services where they specialize in garage door installation in Columbia, MO.