Mention the idea of knitting to some and chances are you’ll be met with something of a raised eyebrow or a frown. Not that they’re wholly opposed to the idea in general, but rather due to the way in which they see knitting as something rather old-fashioned and bordering on the superfluous. These days, it’s comparatively rare to hear of people knitting their own products – especially when held in comparison to a couple of generations ago. According to the experts at, this largely comes down to the fact that clothing has become so cheap, it’s seen as borderline disposable, which is of course a shame on so many levels.

As is the case with so many things, the real joys of knitting cannot be truly understood without picking up a needle and getting busy with the yarn. Sure, your grandma did it and yes, it might be quicker to order a sweater online, but knitting and crochet really are about so much more than might be apparent on the surface.

5 Great Reasons To Take Up Knitting Today

You’ll never know unless you try, so here’s a quick look at five great reasons to give knitting a go for those who may need a gentle nudge in the right direction:

1 – Wonderful Creations

First up, it may be much easier to pick up cheap generic knitted clothing and accessories from a store, but in doing so you’ll be buying and wearing the same as a million other people. Admittedly, not everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, but for those with a taste for both fashion and creativity, there’s nothing more satisfying than creating your own designs and garments from scratch. When setting out to create something unique, it’s 100% impossible to go wrong because the garment you come up with is a genuine, one-of-a-kind; and of course, when it comes to creating gifts that mean so much more, nothing on Earth means more than a gift made by hand.

2 – Ultimate Relaxation

Some might say that knitting looks a little boring and therefore cannot be of much benefit as other relaxing activities; but then again, some say the same about yoga and meditation. The simple fact of the matter is that scientific research has shown that the gentle, repetitive and tranquil nature of the knitting process adds up to a uniquely relaxing and almost hypnotic relaxation effect. It all goes far deeper than just the sitting around and doing something nice and gentle in a quiet environment – the outright fact is that knitting is about as relaxing as any activity on the planet.

3 – It’s Affordable

On a slightly less spiritual or scientific note, it’s worth bearing in mind that to get into knitting is to get into a hobby that’s brilliantly enjoyable and affordable to boot. These days, it’s never been easier to pick up the highest quality yarn, needles and accessories from dedicated online retailers which specialise in bringing the market’s best goods to buyers for the lowest prices. It’s amazing just how much can be made from a few simple balls of yarn and your imagination.

4 – It’s Good For You

As we’ve already touched upon, the mental and physical health benefits of knitting are not only very real, but abundant. Along with being simply fantastic for hand-eye coordination, motor skills and general dexterity, research has shown how knitting has a beneficial impact on mental health and cognitive function. It can combat depression, the latest research suggests it may ward off the onset and progression of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, and it has also been shown to work as a powerful confidence booster for those suffering from issues of self-esteem. So while it may look like something of a long and tiresome way of coming up with something you could buy ‘off the peg’, heading out to a store will never, ever offer the same kinds of health benefits as knitting.

5 – Get the Kids Involved

Last but not least, studies have also shown that whilst adults stand to gain a heck-of-a-lot from taking up knitting, kids can benefit even more. Not only will knitting and crochet help drag them away from the computer or T.V. screen for a while, but the knitting process as a whole demands such a level of focus and commitment that it naturally helps instil important life skills – from improving their dexterity to helping with their maths, learning about delayed gratification and encouraging sharing, and so  much more –  knitting really can be a uniquely brilliant activity for children of all ages.