On Monday, the Italian source HDBlog.it verified that we are waiting for the return of the slot for MicroSD memory playing cards Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Edge.

Remember that in this year’s Galaxy S9 went out without the support of the possibility of expanding memory, like several smartphones from other manufacturers. An equivalent destiny befell appeared in the August five, Galaxy Be aware and Galaxy S9 Edge +.

Someone explained it by the simple fact that Samsung and other makes have turn out to be much more duplicate Apple options in buy to enhance product sales, and attempt to release “the thinnest smartphone.” In principle, it is quite rational – Galaxy S9 with a developed-in storage capability of sixty-four Gb is considerably much more expensive than Galaxy S9 32 Gb + MicroSD 32 Gb.

Somebody tied MicroSD rejection of the truth that the Galaxy S9 makes use of a new kind of memory UFS two., which supplies the pace of looking through and composing info on the SSD amount. The real truth is not so very clear what limits has contributed right here a slower memory card, which is sufficient fantastic velocity efficiency even for online video recording in 4K format in real time. And the application is nevertheless put in in the major memory. Note that it is the “excuse” utilized Samsung reps.

But the LG, releasing the LG G4, did not abandon the MicroSD – and as a result was ready to expand the ranks of their fans, and the total revenue tendencies had been more cheerful than the LG G3 in 2014.

Now excuse Samsung about speed now is not doing work. At the moment, there are previously SD memory playing cards that UHS-II utilizes a new engineering (U3), which gives info transfer prices up to 300MB / s (or even higher). This is steady with the amount of UFS 2., which is utilized in the Samsung Galaxy S9 – 317, eighty-five MB / s according to checks carried out in a well-known benchmark for Androgens smartphones.

In addition, there are now a microSD memory card up to 512 Gb, so that the return of “lost” memory card slot in the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Edge would give new merchandise an important advantage over Apple IPhone 6s and other “smartcard” competition.

Think about Samsung Galaxy S9 with an inside memory of 128 Gb, which inserted an extra microSD card to 512 Gb. The closing volume will be amazing by present-day 640 Gb, which will permit the satisfied operator of the Galaxy S9 appear down on any users’ yablokofona “, which will only chunk your elbows.