There are plenty of Malls that have been built and numerous others on the drawing board. All these malls and drawings have one thing in common and that there is an Architect that has designed and supervised the construction. One such Architect is Mohamed Hamdoun who is the owner of Archistyle and Design.

It is not only the design that an Architect is involved in but the overall construction of the Mall needs to be supervised. Mohamed Hamdoun brings with him a vast amount of experience and expertise to ensure that the Mall is designed aesthetically, practical for all the shoppers to enjoy their shopping and dining experience.

Great Malls in Beirut

Malls such as Beirut Souks in the central district have been built under the consultancy of Mohamed Hamdoun. This strategically located mall in the great downtown of Beirut is designed for the those who would love an authentic Lebanese street like environment. Within the Mall, there are facilities such as terrace cafes and open-air restaurants which offer both Lebanese and cosmopolitan meals. All these features need to be taken into consideration during the planning stages and it is only with the expertise of architects like Mohamed Hamdoun that it becomes possible.

It is not only the Malls that are situated in the intriguing centre of Beirut but also the Malls that have beautiful sea views which Mohamed Hamdoun has consulted such as the City Mall. This fantastic 70 000 sq meter mall hosts over a 100 retailers and 9 movie theatres. These magnificent facilities have all been built with the expert consultative expertise of Mohamed Hamdoun.

There are still numerous new mall projects that need to be built in Beirut. If a developer requires the advice and expertise of a professional Architect then using Archistyle and Design would ensure the best design to fit into the surroundings. Take for example the two Verdun Malls which fit in beautifully with their surroundings in Beirut’s oldest fashion district. They are the perfect choice for those that would like to indulge in a great shopping experience or relax in the stylish cafes situated on the sidewalks.

Again the way the Malls fit into the surrounding and the perfect design to suit the location would not have been possible without the expert advice of the professional staff at Archistyle & Design and overseen by Mohamed Hamdoun.

New Developments

Whether a Mall is required to be designed in a traditional Lebanese architecture or one that needs a complete cosmopolitan look Archistyle & Design have the architects that will produce the best design. Mohamed Hamdoun has experience in both the United States and in Lebanon so is the perfect Architect to fulfil both needs.

In the next three years, there are another 10 malls that are planned to be built in Lebanon. They will be situated in six different locations. Mohamed Hamdoun is the best Architect to use in this situation with the added advantage of being able to speak English and Arabic. Not only will he be able to give the best advice he also understands the Lebanese culture and architecture to produce the best design.