Lately on many message forums I’ve found people writing about websites that pay you to read e-mails and sign up for free offers. They show proof of the paypal payment from these companies. I decided to try two of them out to see if it’s really worth the time.

Send earnings is a website that offers you cash payment for filling out surveys, reading e-mails and completing offers. The first step is to register with your user name, password and mailing address. After you’ll receive an e-mail and a link to activate your account. If you fill in your user profile, you instantly earn $3.00. The minimum amount to cash out is $40.00. You earn $5.00 for each referral but only when they have reached and received their first payment.

Don’t expect to earn enough to cash out by only clicking on the sent e-mails that contain advertisements (source). They give you an e-mail, you open it and are paid anywhere between $0.01 to $0.05. The average pay per e-mail is around $0.04. I was told that the company sends out around 20 a day, I haven’t experience this. I only received 4 a day. $0.16 is not an amount that is going to entice me when it’s $40.00 to cash out.

They have cash offers of around $1.00 to $15.00 for signing up. Some examples are: Earn $15.00 for watching a free lesson video about Microsoft Works, Excel and more. Earn $10.00 for signing up for a program that teaches you how to make money with Google. There are also cash surveys but unfortunately I tried 4 times and each time ended up wasting a few minutes here and there only to find that I wasn’t the candidate for that particular survey.

You can try your luck at playing games for cash but first need to make a deposit to start playing. And for every $1.00 you spend on the game website, you earn only $0.05 in your send earnings account. They do have a special section for online shoppers to earn cash back in to their send earnings account. For example, if you shop at, you earn 2.5% back into your send earnings account and have 7% off your order. They have monthly specials. To me this was the best aspect of the whole website.

Overall the website is colorful and inviting with advertisements that you could earn 100’s a month. But for such little earnings and the need to sign up for many offers before reaching the minimum $40.00, this is a website I’m deleting my account from.

Gainpay is another website that offers the opportunity to earn cash through paid to click, paid to sign up and paid e-mails. The paid to click category offers clicking on ads for 1 point. Sometimes there’s only a few ads to click on. Paid to sign up is where you paste your e-mail and press the ad to sign up. If you are already part of an ad service and sign up, your account will be terminated. I clicked on all 4 and only earned $0.25 instead of $1.00. I didn’t receive any e-mails to click and be paid for them. There’s a bonus A, B and C page that offers you money for signing up to offers such as adding a joke toolbar to your web browser. Or signing up for a free vitamin sample.

You can earn money for referring Gainpay to others. They offer banners and a web address to advertise your link to them. After a while of signing up for offers and still only having $0.25, I’ve decided to move on from Gainpay. There are postings of proof that they pay and the minimum payout needed is only $1.00. This for me wasn’t worth spending time on. It seems I have more newsletters now then actual earnings.

If you plan on earning some money I advise you find legit, normal online jobs such as writing articles or marketing related jobs. Just look at this guy who got rich by writing homework for students. You can do it too!