Imagine the sound of waves lapping on the seashore at some distance and waking you up in the morning. Sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? Now think of a window in your room that has a beautiful view of the blue sea extended as far as you can see, and imagine the reddish sun slowly arising and lighting the dark blue sky from behind the sea. Seems like a beautiful dream, doesn’t it? Perhaps this is one of the reasons why everyone loves a sea facing home. But nothing is perfect in this world nor is a sea facing home. Just like any other home, it has its own pros and cons that every home buyer should know before investing in it.

Let’s have a look at some advantages of having such a fantastic home –

Beautiful view

Your home might have a number of decorative objects to add beauty to it like – a stylish pendant light hanging in the living room, a designer mirrored radiator in the bedroom, an artefact bowl on the dining table, an antique sculpture in the living area, a large colourful painting on the interior wall and much more, but a view of the clear blue ocean from each and every window of the house is incomparable and enough to inflate the charm.

On the other side of the window, the panoramic view of the sky meeting the ocean at a distance makes cooking more interesting in the kitchen and those long baths even bathing more relaxing.

Good investment

A beach facing house is good from an investment perspective as its values increases year after year and more rapidly than ordinary homes. It’s also good to finance it as a vacation home which is away from noisy roads and daily humdrum of the city as it is situated near the calm sea water. When the time comes you can sell it off for a good price or you can always use it as your place of retreat, a safe haven. All in all from both financial and personal perspectives, purchasing a sea facing home is a good investment through and through.

Health benefits

The benefits of a beachfront abode is not limited to financial advantages only, it is also good from your health perspective. The clean climate and the fresh air are beneficial for everyone. The air has healing powers which rejuvenates and energizes you from within. A morning walk on the cold grainy sand of the beach will do wonders for your health.

The pure clean air and the constant sound of the waves will not only make your day perfect but also give you a good night’s sleep.

Now let’s take a look at the disadvantages –

Natural tragedies

In spite of the charming advantages of a coastal abode, it has an all time danger of natural disaster like earthquake, hurricane, tsunami etc revolving around it. Many countries that are either situated or surrounded by large water bodies are wholly or partly washed off by such natural crisis time and again.

Costlier upkeep

Maintenance of such lavish sea facing villas is high as compared to an ordinary home. For example – to paint such an apartment you will have to use only a certain type of paint and that also needs to be painted time after time. Not only the paint but also the other coastal material should be tough and of good quality that can withstand the ever changing weather.

Wind in such climate is little humid and therefore can rust your vehicles and other metallic items that requires for them to be replaced faster.

Not only the vehicles and metallic items but also electronic devices like TV, fridge, washing machines, microwave etc. wear out faster near the sea.

We hope that with this article has given you enough to make a decision. You will be aware of both the pros and cons that a home located at beautiful location has along with the exceptional beauty and rare natural scene. So next time when you consider buying your dream home, just keep these things in mind and think which qualities you want the most in your dwelling and then select the one that is beautiful as well as convenient.