A person can survive without food for up to three weeks, but surviving without water for more than 3 days is not possible. Every living organism on planet earth needs water to survive. The options we get to choose from, even in water are not limited. Let us know something about Mineral and RO water along with its difference.

  • Mineral Water

Mineral water is any day better than regular tap water. Most people prefer mineral water to regular water when given an option. Mineral water is naturally occurring water that contains elements and minerals that are found in nature. This water is then bottled at the source and sold in the market. In easy words, natural water does not undergo any process of chemical or even purification treatment before bottling and distributing it. It is filtered through hard-strains like sand and stone that has various sizes for removing any bodies or germs that are unwanted.

  • RO Water

Raw or regular water is treated through a process, which is known as Reverse Osmosis (RO). You can also call it pressure filtration that screens out very fine particles that are present in water, through a fine membrane. Reverse osmosis is a water purification technology that makes use of a partially permeable membrane for getting rid of ions, unwanted molecules as well as larger particles from drinking water. In RO, to overcome osmotic pressure an applied pressure is used. It is a colligative property and is driven by chemical potential differences of the solvent that is a thermodynamic parameter. This process can remove many types of dissolved as well as suspended chemical species and biological ones i.e. bacteria from water. It is used in the industrial process as well as for the production of potable water. As a result, the solute is retained on the side of the membrane that is pressurized and the pure solvent is allowed to pass to the other side. It is a selective membrane and does not allow large molecules or ions pass through the pores or holes, it, however, allows smaller components of the solution i.e. solvent molecules, i.e., water to pass very freely.

There is a huge difference between RO water and Mineral water.

Mineral Water RO Water
Mineral water is very different from RO. After filtration, no minerals are added to mineral water. RO water, however, does not contain minerals.
They can be easily obtained from live streams, water springs, etc. RO water contains a semi-permeable membrane, which helps water to pass. All the fine impurities, as well as bacteria from water, are eliminated.
This water does not need purification and is safe for drinking. RO water purifier system helps you to purify the impure or raw water.
The mineral water that is available in the market in the bottled form may not necessarily be from natural resources. In the case of RO, there is no need for mineral water, because after the water is filtered, the minerals that are necessary are then added to the water.
You will get the benefit of all the essential minerals. Once the water is filtered, most of the dissolved minerals will be removed from the water.
Mineral water is beneficial for health. RO water is good for health; however, it does not contain the essential nutrients.

Once you buy water purifier or water filter, there is no need for you to buy mineral water. Both of them somehow manage to solve the purpose. RO water purifier is good for you because it will help you get rid of all the impurities present in water, making it safe to consume for your entire family.