Maruti Suzuki is one of the top-selling brands in India. The company launched its third-generation model and is yet again among the best-sellers in the country. However, in this article, we will be focusing on some lesser-known facts of Maruti Suzuki.

Here, take a look!

  1. Maruti Udyog Limited was established in 1981, but the production of the vehicles started in the year 1983. The primary objective of the company was to produce cars that the people would love.
  2. Maruti Udyog Limited and Suzuki never considered partnering with each other. It was when by pure coincidence that the senior director at Suzuki happened to read an article regarding the Daihatsu-Maruti tie-up in India, which brought Suzuki into the competition.
  3. The company created a record of developing a car design and producing the same in only 13 months.
  4. After three years of the launch of the original car, Maruti replaced the SS80 with a brand new vehicle.
  5. Upon the launch of an exclusive new car, the first Maruti 800, the keys were handed over to Harpal Singh – an ex-English Footballer – by then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi.
  6. In only two years after Maruti Udyog Limited started manufacturing cars, the passenger car segment demand doubled. It went from 40,000 units to 1 Lakh units in a single year.
  7. In the year 1997, 8 out of every 10 vehicles sold across the country belong to Maruti.
  8. In the year 2005, Maruti Swift was the first car to be introduced with a brand new model in India. This was right after the model’s global launch. Also, in 2007, the company launched SX4 in India before Japan and Europe.
  9. The company has an assembly of 1700 machineries that helps it roll out a new car in every twelve seconds.
  10. In the year 2014, the company stopped the production of its iconic first model – the Maruti 800.

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