Everywhere you turn, you see people with smartphones in their hands. Almost every internet user is mobile today, so it’s no wonder that mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more gamers playing on their phones with each passing day.

Just take the fact that an average smartphone is almost a game console into consideration and things become much clearer. With all this in mind, it’s safe to say that mobile is the future of gaming. Well, that’s exactly what Iceberg Gift Cards had in mind here.

They’ll point out a couple of main reasons why mobile gaming is a thing of the future. So, read on to get all the juicy details from the world’s leading brand in selling top gift and game cards such as Amazon, Netflix, Xbox Live, iTunes, and so on.

Mobile Ports

If you aren’t familiar with the biggest console and PC gaming event in the world, E3, it’s time to get yourself up to date. It’s a top event in the gaming industry, year after year, and it’s the biggest and best proof that mobile gaming is becoming more prominent with each passing year.

In fact, mobile gaming is so big that it’s going to set standards in the industry in the near future. Top titles are already being remastered and optimized for mobile platforms, including some of the classics, with new versions being available for iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.

More and more top brands from the world of gaming, such as Square Enix, are porting console games over to mobile gaming platforms. There are also some examples of top games, such as Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger, finding their way to mobile devices.

The truth is that mobile devices are greatly contributing to attracting wider gaming audiences. That’s one of the biggest reasons why top gaming brands are making the transition to making their games more accessible for mobile platforms.

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E-Sports started as nothing more than a casual way to kill spare time, and it has turned into a fully-fledged event and a legit way of making a living. Many avid gamers and game enthusiasts are now participating in a wide range of gaming competitions to earn worthy rewards that stretch to tens of thousands of dollars.

Even though eSports is still a PC-dominated industry, mobile eSports has rapidly grown over the past few years. Nowadays, it is almost as big as traditional eSports.

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If you take the current picture of the gaming community across the globe, it’s safe to say that casual players make up for most of it. Every single gamer is a potential consumer of mobile games, which is the main driving factor for mobile gaming companies to target these gamers.

Some of the most popular, top-scoring mobile games, such as World of Warcraft and LOL, are available for free via mobile gaming platforms. Mobile gaming companies allowed gamers to choose whether they want to invest in purchasing a game or not by providing them with free-to-play access to games.

That way, these companies can attract much wider audiences and aspire loyalty across the consumer base. To additionally seal the deal and create a long-lasting relationship with their consumers, these companies extend their services to offering seasonal deals, special rewards, various in-app purchases, and more.

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Mobile phones aren’t only the future of gaming, but everyday life as well. There are more mobile phone users every day, and the global gaming industry is rapidly growing with each year. What’s going to happen next remains to be seen.

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