The great debate on gun control is ever-present. In fact, some states like Ohio have now passed a law where you don’t even need a permit to carry a concealed weapon. The uprising is because guns are ingrained in American history, and they’re not going away without a fight.

The problem is that gun control doesn’t work in this country. Many folks love nothing more than the thrill of the hunt. These people aren’t the ones out hurting others.

Instead, they’re using their weapons to put food on their table and to protect themselves. Here are five reasons why gun control just doesn’t work in this country.

Criminals Don’t Need Guns To Commit Crime

The whole theory behind gun control is to keep criminals from getting guns. However, no criminal will jump through all the legal hoops to own one. If someone truly wants to commit a crime, they don’t need a gun to do it.

Remember Timothy McVeigh, who was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing? He used nitrate fertilizer and fuel oil to make a bomb. Even though he had a gun on him, he never used it. So, how can a gun control law possibly help in situations like this one?

Peace, Order, and Good Government Is a Fallacy

There will never be a perfect world with or without guns, so taking guns away will just force people to find other methods to commit violent acts. All they’re doing is taking away rights from folks who would use them for the right reasons. The government thinks it would bring about a more peaceful nation, but this is a fallacy.

This Country Was Built on the Right To Bear Arms

Throughout American history, guns have been ingrained into the very culture of this country. While some other parts of the world don’t see it this way, good guys pack heat here.

Having things like 9mm ammo, pistols for protection, and rifles for hunting is just as part of history as Betsy Ross making the flag. The American Constitution states that a person has a right to bear arms, and it’s not a right people will give up so easily.

Background Checks Isn’t the Answer

Background checks have been a part of the gun buying process for years, and has anyone seen gun violence decrease? Of course, it hasn’t, as criminals don’t go through these legal channels anyway. It’s only making it more challenging for the good guys to buy.

Currently, 100 people die each day in this country due to gun violence, and 64 of them will be through suicide. How will a background check help with any of this?

The Public Won’t Back Down So Easily

Americans have a sense of pride and value their firearms just as any other collectible. These folks know that you don’t leave a pistol and 9mm ammo in easy reach, as it needs to be kept safe. If the government were to do buyback programs and put laws that stop people from having their firearms, there would be riots.

Advantages of Gun Control

Bringing gun ownership under restriction will significantly reduce crime, particularly among city inhabitants. It is easier to commit a crime when a gun is readily available. Suicides, killings, robbery with violence, and other crimes are more common in areas where it is easier to buy a gun.

Gun control will also aid in the prevention of mass shootings. There have been countless examples of mass shootings in the United States over the last 30 years. According to a recent Mother Jones article, roughly 75% of the firearms used in mass shootings were lawfully obtained. Stricter gun purchase, gun ownership, and gun-shop rules may help to limit the number of mass shootings.

Another benefit of gun regulation is that it can aid in the prevention of unintentional injuries. More than 600 persons were murdered by unintentional shootings in 2010. Even more concerning is the fact that over 1,300 people died between 2005 and 2010, the majority of whom were under the age of 25. Simple control measures can prevent the majority of these unintentional injuries. Installing a kid safety lock and a loading indicator are examples of such procedures.

Disadvantages of Gun Control

Gun control could delegitimize legitimate reasons for having a handgun. Because they own a firearm, people can protect themselves against thieves, burglars, and other criminals in a variety of situations. In such situations, having a gun is advantageous for self-defense. Hunting enthusiasts must also have the appropriate weaponry in order to be successful in their endeavors.

In many cases, having a gun is a lifesaver for women who are being harassed by hostile men. Criminals frequently target women because they perceive them to be weaker than men. As a result, they are significantly more vulnerable to crimes like robbery than men. Rapists also target women with violence, assaults, and attacks. Having a gun can assist a lady in fending off such attacks and defending herself against criminals.


Whether you have guns or not, the right to own one shouldn’t be up for debate. Sure, some countries don’t allow weapons and tout statistics to show it works. The real problem is that guns are ingrained in our history and aren’t going away anytime soon.

Gun ownership may, in some situations, aid citizens in resisting government tyranny and foreign invasion. Citizens, for example, would be unable to protect themselves against tyranny if they were stripped of their firearms and a totalitarian regime came to power.