Sealcoating emulsion made for clients in Austin, Texas is a specialized liquid sealant designed to protect and enhance asphalt surfaces in the region. It is typically made from a mixture of asphalt, water, and various additives. The specific composition of the sealcoating emulsion can vary depending on the manufacturer and the desired performance characteristics.

How Sealcoating Emulsion Protects Your Asphalt from Damage

Sealcoating emulsion is a special liquid that helps protect and make your asphalt surfaces look better. It is used on things like driveways, parking lots, and roads. If you are curious about what this emulsion is made of, this article will explain it in simple terms.


The primary purpose of sealcoating emulsion is to provide a protective layer on the surface of the asphalt. It acts as a barrier, shielding the asphalt from the damaging effects of UV rays, water, oil, and other chemicals. In Austin, Texas, where the climate is characterized by hot summers and ample sunshine, asphalt sealcoating emulsion helps prevent the asphalt from oxidizing and becoming brittle over time.


Sealcoating emulsion also offers waterproofing properties, which is particularly important in a region prone to heavy rain and occasional flooding like Austin. By forming a waterproof barrier, it prevents water from seeping into the asphalt and causing damage to the subbase. This helps to reduce the risk of potholes and other structural issues.


Another benefit of sealcoating emulsion is its ability to resist oil and chemical spills. In Austin, where roads and parking lots are subjected to vehicle traffic, there is a higher likelihood of oil leaks and spills. These substances can penetrate the asphalt and lead to softening and deterioration. Sealcoating emulsion creates a protective layer that resists oil and chemical penetration, making it easier to clean and preventing damage to the asphalt.


Sealcoating emulsion also enhances the appearance of asphalt surfaces. Over time, asphalt can fade and lose its original black color due to exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors. Sealcoating emulsion restores the rich black color, giving the asphalt a fresh and well-maintained look. This can significantly improve the curb appeal of residential driveways, commercial parking lots, and other asphalt surfaces in Austin.


Fillers are like tiny grains or powders. They are added to the emulsion to make it thicker and more durable. These fillers can be made from different materials like sand, clay, or even crushed rock.


Additives are like special ingredients that make the emulsion better. They might include things like rubber or polymers, which help the emulsion stick to the asphalt and make it more resistant to wear and tear.


 Coal Tar Pitch


Sometimes, instead of liquid asphalt, coal tar pitch is used in sealcoating emulsion. It is made from coal and has similar properties to liquid asphalt. Both work to protect the asphalt surface.


Polymers are chemicals that are added to the emulsion to make it even stronger. They help the emulsion stick to the asphalt and stay in place. This is important because it helps the sealcoating last longer.

Coloring and Fragrance

Sometimes, people add color and fragrance to the emulsion. This is more for looks and smell, and it does not affect the main job of protecting the asphalt. The color usually makes the asphalt look darker, and the fragrance can make the freshly sealed surface smell better.

How Sealcoating Emulsion Works:

Now, let’s talk about how sealcoating emulsion works. When it is applied to the asphalt, it forms a protective layer. This layer acts as a shield against things that can harm the asphalt.

  1. Protects from the Sun:

The sun can be harsh on asphalt. It dries it out and makes it fade. Sealcoating emulsion blocks the harmful UV rays from the sun, keeping the asphalt in better condition.

  1. Keeps Out Water:

Water can seep into the tiny cracks in the asphalt. When it freezes and thaws, it can make those cracks bigger. Sealcoating emulsion seals these cracks, preventing water from getting in.

  1. Resists Chemicals:

Cars can leak oil and other chemicals that can damage the asphalt. Sealcoating emulsion makes it harder for these chemicals to harm the surface.

  1. Makes it Look Better:

One of the cool things about sealcoating emulsion is that it gives the asphalt a fresh, dark appearance. It looks nice and new, improving the overall look of your driveway or parking lot.

How Many Coats to Apply:

The number of coats needed for your asphalt surface depends on different factors:

  1. Age of the Asphalt:


Older asphalt might need more coats because it can be more worn out. Newer asphalt might need less.

  1. Traffic:

If there’s a lot of cars and trucks driving over the asphalt every day, it might need more coats to protect it from the extra wear and tear.

  1. Weather:

Different climates need different levels of protection. In places with harsh weather, more coats might be needed to make the asphalt last longer.

  1. Previous Sealcoating:

If your asphalt has been sealed before, the condition of the old sealcoating matters. Sometimes, a fresh coat is enough, while in other cases, you might need more coats.

In Conclusion:

Sealcoating emulsion is made up of liquid asphalt, water, fillers, additives, and sometimes coal tar pitch. It works by protecting your asphalt from the sun, water, chemicals, and improves its appearance. The number of coats needed depends on the age of the asphalt, the amount of traffic, the local climate, and the condition of any previous sealcoating. It is a smart way to keep your asphalt looking good and lasting longer, so your driveway or parking lot stays in great shape.

When selecting sealcoating emulsion for clients in Austin, Texas, it is essential to consider the specific requirements and conditions of the project. Different sealcoating emulsions may have different performance characteristics, such as drying time, durability, and resistance to traffic. It is advisable to consult with a professional asphalt contractor who can recommend the most suitable sealcoating emulsion based on the client’s needs and the specific characteristics of the asphalt surface.

Sealcoating emulsion made for clients in Austin, Texas is a specialized liquid sealant designed to protect and enhance asphalt surfaces in the region. It provides protection against UV rays, water, oil, and chemicals, while also improving the appearance of the asphalt. Choosing the right sealcoating emulsion and working with a professional asphalt contractor will help ensure a successful sealcoating application and maximize the lifespan and appearance of the asphalt surface.