A top ranking fiscal research firm of the United States of America, BrightScope, recently made a report public, about renowned companies in the automotive industry. The firm mentioned the name of 25 multinational companies possessing more than $100 million assets. The glowing name that holds the number 5 rank is Mercedes-Benz.

The report consists of names of 25 such companies who among the automotive industries rank the highest and has plans of 401k. The list is based on several such plans. The list by BrightScope focuses on several such plans and it is based on the respective companies’ arrangement. Therefore, naturally the name of each company appears more than once as they are listed in accordance to the various plans.

Mercedes-BenzMBUSI is more popularly known as Mercedes-Benz. It ranks the fifth specifically for a certain plan that if offers, namely Mercedes-Benz U.S. International Inc. Retirement and Savings Plan. Alabama operations’ officials of the company were not available for comment on its being ranked as the number 5 in automobile industry worldwide.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley remarked that the decision of Mercedes to have a manufacturing factory in their state encouraged other automobile giants to establish their operations in Alabama. As a result, the state has become a leader in world-class vehicles. It would not be wrong to praise Germany’s Mercedes-Benz as the forerunner of all the automobile industries in Alabama, adding to growth and development to the state.

BrightScope’s head of Data and Research opined in a ready statement that the automotive companies of the United States are one of the largest industries. Naturally, they carry certain responsibility towards their employees. They must ensure not only a satisfactory working condition at present but should be considerate enough to provide better monetary aid to the employees, so that they can have a financially secured future.

The firm provided various statistics to the press, related to the financial operations of the company and the beneficial plans that it offers to its staffs and the workers. The primary and most vital data that it provided on the list are an account bank balance of nearly $92,025 on a standard participation of about 85%, an moderate company contribution of $2,580 and an average remuneration rescheduling of $5,326. BrightScope’s study and consequent rankings throw light on various factors of the company. Like the total plan cost, value of investment menu, contributions of the company and many more.

The Governor, Robert Bentley congratulated Mercedes-Benz for adding new lines to their already existing collection of vehicles. It is further preparing itself to manufacture C-Class sedan and various SUV models.

The company to hold number 1 rank is General Motors LLC, trailed by Harley-Davidson Motor Company Group LLC. The next two positions are allotted to Daimler Trucks North America LLC and Ford Motor Company respectively. After Mercedes-Benz stands Navistar Inc., followed by Nissan North America Inc. BrightScope rewarded the next rank to Volvo Group North America. The ninth and tenth ranks are specified for ArvinMeritor Inc. and American Honda Motor Company Inc.