The market related to stocks as well as related finances is a highly bouncy market and one can rest assure what the picture is at the start of the day, might be a totally contrary one when the day closes; hence in such a situation arises the question of whether the need for depending upon a financial adviser is essential or a mere hoax! To add to such confusions is the day to day commentary that is given by market experts and this commentary is solely based on the fact of ever changing market traditions and trends. Going into a dilemma in such a scenario is quite effortless as the picture that surrounds the mind is the bonds are down, the stock is up or vice versa and the permutations and combinations of matching these statements are endless.

Financial AdviceAdding to Further Confusion

Looking at one’s portfolio can be a further confusion adder and a dilemma enhancer as having a simple glance at your own portfolio makes one wonder on the reason behind holding a stock at such a low value. The main places where a financial adviser can assist includes putting a comfortable space between oneself and his / her investments thus leading to prohibition from making emotional decisions where finance is involved. A financial adviser also assists in does detailed research on the manner in which the assets can be allocated as well as funds can be indexed thus giving the actual owner of the funds complete peace of mind.

Switching Back to the Risk on Mode

Earlier in the beginning of the 2013, the Fed announced that there would be tapering of the every month $85 billion asset buying program thus making the investors turn around and go into taking a risk off approach. However with the amount of damage that was brought into effect with this, the strategy was changed and the investments were once again routed back. Of further interest is that there is believed to be prevailing disconnection between vigorous security markets as well as subdued at the best economic actuality and this might eventually close. The investment themes should take a more defensive approach which would lead to prevent them from getting whipsawed and further on these themes are even eclectic to obtain benefit of extreme situations.

Facing Mandatory Arbitration

The key cause for the wealth management companies having PR issues is the prevalence of mandatory arbitration which acts as a major contributor for the occurrence of such a scenario. Under such circumstances, the biggest loss comes knocking at the doors of financial advisers as the clients are required to take up the issues or complaints they have with the FINRA and they have right to go to the court to take legal action. To add to that, the main loss that is taken by financial advisers comes in the form of problems from their respective firms as the most common trend is that such disputes lead the firms to hold the advisers responsible for everything whenever and wherever the trouble strikes.