The birth of the first true monarch took place a few days ago and this birth is a mark for the family as the child is the direct descendant from coalminers and the kings thus creating one of its kind true kings with heritage from peasants as well. This child is the third child that would be in line for the British throne and the thrones of around fifteen more common wealth realms and is sure to lead a life of a very different monarchy; a monarchy that would be quite streamlined, and a monarchy that would be quite inclusive as well as effective in terms of cost. The signs of that era that would come have already begun to sparkle in the eyes of the parents.

Birth Of William and Kate SonA Royal Family with a New Dawn

One of the modernizing moves was to scrap the ancient laws of primogeniture that were prevalent since years and signing off of these laws was a remarkable and memorable move in the year of 2011. This move was taken in front of the common wealth heads at the government meeting and this was the time from which a new journey was written in the history of the family that is truly based on ancient traditions; however a family that now embraces these modern times. That was a glorious day for the family as well as the entire country when with a simple writing of the pen, a tradition that was held strong till decades was jettisoned; thus ending sex discrimination and bringing about equality within the royal family.

A Commoner as a Mother

For the first time in nearly three centuries, a royal blood would have a commoner as the mother contrary to royal or aristocrat being the one to be the mother as per the tradition. This forward as well as modern thinking was not only opted by the queen herself as prince William took it upon himself to take paternity vacation for the new baby after he was born. The prince himself drove the entire family home from the rest home where the child was born. The name of the new born prince was decided as three parts which was a break and again newness to the tradition of the kings having their names in four parts.

Future for the Prince & the Family

According to the royal family as well as the mother and the father, the new born prince will be brought up in an environment of royal titles, palaces and most important of all ancient ancestry. This is not to say as it is a well known fact that the new born royal prince would be the inheritor to an extravagant fortune the funds of which do not have exact figures. However, the true inheritance of the prince would be an estate that has prevailed for years in Scotland and the Sandringham estate present in Norfolk. Apart from this, some dear possessions that would be inherited include a collection of breathtaking jewellery and a undisclosed paintings.