Allen Lim, nutrition expert and founder of Skratch Labs- a Boulder based company offers their nutritional support for cyclists participating in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge that began on Monday and continues till Sunday. According to the reliable source, the company provides menus and riding food for the athletes.

The menus are arranged lavishly that include starters of thinly pieced soy lecithin and grilled soy protein isolate, vegetable glycerin loaf with calcium caseinate, an artificial flavor-enhancer. Moreover, they provide high fructose corn syrup that contains brominated vegetable oil.

Allen Kim – The Nutrition ExpertAccording to Lim, who has completed his master degree in kinesiology and a Ph. D in integrative physiology from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2004, these ingredients offer effective outcome especially when human bodies are at a vulnerable and stressed situation such as in the halfway of a marathon, or high-elevation bike race or middle of a grueling triathlon. He opines that the athletes require to consume these ingredients in massive quantity by the bar, tube or bottleful.

Lim also informs that in the modern era, the sport industry is so vast that a lot of organizations wish to invest there and earn a huge profit. The industrialized food that is produced in a huge quantity lacks some necessary ingredients and thus in turn makes the athletes prone to certain health problems including cramps, nausea, bloating and various gastrointestinal issues, dehydration that finally leads to poor performance.

Lim who serves as a sports physiologist and cycling coach was renowned for generating the “secret drink mix” that is known as Skratch in the recent times and is used by the athletes for its nutrition and rehydration formula.

It is informed that his recent cookbooks with Chef Biju Thomas “The Feed Zone Portables: A Cookbook On-the-Go Food for Athletes” and “The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes” serve as the proper guidance to the athletes so that they can maintain their proper diet chart in the home and during their training. He suggests that individuals requiring quick access to calories need the carbohydrates that are readily available in the body.

The sports physiologist states that the menus and ingredients of one’s diet must be prepared depending on how much energy they are spending and how can they effectively recover that.

Lim also informs that in many cases human beings avoid many foods thinking that they are bad for our health but the real incident is actually the opposite. In addition, he also provides certain suggestion that is believed to help the athletes in top performance.

He suggests that the most important thing to perform the best is listening the requirement of body. Instead of overanalyze all the details he requests to fulfill the natural desire. He is of the opinion that an athlete should take the food he likes. In case the food upset the stomach during the race, it would be better to avoid that food. He also suggests that it is better to consume high-glycemic and simple food that contains high-moisture like potatoes, muffins, rice, waffles, etc. that are also easily digested. Lastly, he opines that an athlete should consume 200-400 mg of sodium per hour in case an athlete loses more than 600-700 mg of salt per liter of sweat while exercising.