The Promotion World in its latest market study revealed the names of top 10 Search Engine Optimization companies, who have provided their continuous excellent service to the multinational companies for several months in a row. These dignified companies are to be awarded for their performance. HigherVisibility .com, a Memphis based company has been featured serially in the award list for quite some time now. The Promotion World awarded it number 6 position for August 2013.

Effectiveness Of SEOAndy Garner, Sales Manager to says that the service is characterized by tremendous diversity. One basic quality is that they do not compel the clients to choose from pre-set packages. Rather they customize their offers according to the demands of the client. They focus on the budget and internet marketing ideals of each customer.

While selecting for awards the Promotion World judged the companies on various areas like, customer feedbacks, package diversity, offered SEO services, website popularity and overall performance. Higher Visibility meets all these criteria. The experts and professionals put their heart and soul to create unique pay per click advertisement that compels the people to frequently visit the website. The SEO helps in making the website more functional to both human users and search engines. It serves in two ways, first to drive more traffic to the website and secondly, to generate leads.

In addition to that, Higher Visibility provides internet-marketing products. For example, marketing through social media, through e-mail, pay per click and many more. This evidently shows its strong hold in the market. The function of Higher Visibility does limit here. In addition to providing SEO services to large firms and business houses, Higher Visibility also enables access to other kinds of business, like, ecommerce SEO, local SEO and SEO for franchises. No doubt, it has become one of leading internet-marketing companies in America, soon after its establishment in 2007.

Website visitors are prone of choosing an organic search result than a paid ad this clearly focuses on the importance of search engine optimization. Internet users click on an organic link nearly 70 per cent of the time. Evidently, SEO continues to be essential to generate leads and control the flow of website traffic. With the increased use of smart phones, the use of desktop has already showing a down ward graph. Hence, mobile searches on tablets and smart phones made it necessary for the companies to focus more on the mobile SEO.

The advanced and customized service of Higher Visibility took it a way ahead of other internet marketing service providers. It is equally sought by both the large corporate houses and the small business firms. Whatever the need may be whether it is web design, PPC campaign, internet marketing or SEO, Higher Visibility has all under one roof. According to its spokesperson, its mission is to provide every kind of assistance to the client. Its motto is “Valuable Solutions with Visible Results”. Of course, its presence in the list of top companies shows that they are doing just that.