The season seems to bring great achievement for the baseball pitcher Zack Wheeler. He scored 3-0 with a 2.89 ERA against Atlanta Braves. His performance is outstanding. He is announced as the only pitcher to have the best records with three wins over the Atlanta Braves in the current season.

23-year-old Wheeler, made six hits with a ball velocity of 90s mph. The righty of the team was only one strike away from throwing seven scoreless innings. However, the righty was left with just two outs and Carlos Torres; the reliever gave up Andrelton Simmons’ three-run double.

Zack WheelerZack Wheeler grew up in Atlanta suburbs, watching the performance of Atlanta Braves. When asked about how he felt about his success against such a team he commented that he felt disappointed for his friends back at home. He did not feel comfortable to bash them, but the game plan was quite uncomplicated for him.

Zack casually walked to the mound to start the seventh innings with a 4-0 lead in his bag. He soon made the two batters to head back to the pavilion. The pitcher, Zack got ahead of Jason Heyward at 1-2. But the game soon ended up in a tie, just as the manager indicated Torres to back up. Simmons with the assistance of his bases cleared it with the double and then proceeded to the third base, as Omar Quintanilla, the shortstop sailed the relay back.

Carlos Torres caught the toss and provided the essential support to the team required at that time. David Murphy, the second base man soon cautiously tracked down. Byrd’s performance too needs a special mention. His performance made everyone spell bound. It was the perfect 21st homer. David drove into the top rows of the upper deck. Byrd himself was happy with his performance. He hit the big homers, which made him glad for enabling him to help his team.  Young managed to reach on Simmons’ tossing from his shortstop position. He was able to lead off the first, steal the next and make a score on Davis’ two-out single. He played quite strategically and made his career-high 28th base.

The NL East Leaders were defeated by the Mets rookie for the third time in a row. The latter pitched out shut out ball into the inning and send New York past Atlanta 5-3 on Tuesday night. Travis d’ Arnaud, the catcher of Mets rookie made a double for his first hit in the majors. He later shared that the condition of the game was putting a pressure on him. The other stars of the Mets rookie are Ike Davis, Marlon Byrd and Eric Young Junior. Each had their brilliant contribution in the game. They jointly stole two bases, scored twice and made a diving catch in the field. Atlanta Braves manager, Fredi Gonzalez was satisfied with Marlon Byrd performance. But unfortunately, in just one inning the rival team managed to score three runs, which proved to be fatal for them later on.