Every continent in this world is somehow different from the other. They have their own language, culture, specialities and visiting places that attract visitors from all over the globe. And when we talk about such great destinations, it comes as no surprise that Europe tops the list. Well, how can it not, when it has got several wonderful places that every visitor must visit at least once in their lifetime.

After reading that, we’re pretty sure you might have made up your mind to visit this amazing destination. But before you book that ticket, there are a few small things which you need to know, because this is what helps the place stand out from the rest of the world.

In this article, we have covered all those things that will help you know more about Europe so that when you land there, you won’t feel completely overwhelmed with the culture difference.

Some of the best places to visit

There are some specialities of the continent which you must not miss, because this is what will make your trip to Europe one hell of an experience. Say for example, if you are in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is a must-see and if you are in London, then you have got to see the Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. It would be a biggest mistake not to visit these places, because this is what defines Europe in the best possible ways.

Boiled eggs with continental breakfast

For Europe, there is a norm that they follow when it comes to continental breakfast and boiled eggs; they do not cook it at all. From Portugal, France and Spain to southern Europe, breakfast means a lot of fresh bread along with butter and jam. In some parts of the country, you can also get boiled or smoked fish, cheese, yoghurts and cold meat for breakfast. Most of these continental breakfasts are the best and healthy; so don’t be afraid and simply dig in. If you ever get breakfast that’s hot, then it’s a clear indication that either you are not in real Europe or you are too lucky (we hope it’s the latter one)!

Tipping has an altogether different meaning

Like other countries, if you are thinking of giving a 20% tip to your waiter for the amazing job they’ve done, then you better give it a second thought, because you are in Europe and things are different there. If you aren’t already aware, then let us tell you that here, tipping is included in service charges. But, if you still want to give them a 10% tip, well, that’s extremely generous and kind of you. Well, this is the most common mistake done by most of the tourists because of not being aware of the very fact. So next time, when you head out for breakfast or lunch, do take a look at the board and confirm whether that reads ‘included’ or ‘extended’ to know if you should be giving a tip or not.

English is not understood by all

If you are thinking that all Europeans can speak English, then let us tell you that you’re mistaken. You won’t believe that most of the educated and advanced countries of the continent are still struggling to speak in English. Europe does not just mean Italy or France; there are many other places as well and alas they are still poor in English. Besides, even in these two countries, you will easily find people who’re more comfortable speaking French or Italian. So it’s better that you download a translation app before you even plan to go to these places.

Water is not free

Unlike other places where water is free in restaurants, Europe is quite different. In America, you get a large glass of chilled water even before you sit down on the table. But in Europe, you have to pay for it. When you order lunch or even before that you will be asked “would you like some water” and here water certainly means “paid water”.

Sunday means CLOSED

If you are on a Europe trip and think that Sunday is a good day to go for shopping, then you have to change your schedule. And even if you get a chance to be in the market on a Sunday, then you will find that only street side pharmacy stores opened. The reason is most people here are Roman Catholics and they keep their stores shut, as they go to church on this day.

So there we have it – these are a few important things which you must know before to plan a trip to Europe. Another thing you need to bear in mind is, the climate in the European countries is usually chilly, so you better see to it that the house that you’re choosing to stay in has good quality, designer radiators keeping it warm and toasty.