After getting into a room, do you often fail to remember the reason why you entered it in the first place? Well, there’s no denial that we all forget things from time to time; I admit, I have a bad memory too. Sometimes I forget where exactly have I kept a particular item and later curse myself when I find it in my hand. Fun fact: even my grandpa searches the entire house up and down only to realise that his glasses were already on his head.

I have suffered a lot by forgetting things, but I have made my memory strong by using the tips given below. So, if even you are looking for ways to keep up with things and not forget them while you are busy doing something else, following the tips given below can help you remember them:

So, shall we begin?

  1. Maintain a journal

One of the most important things I found to be useful when trying to make my memory stronger is to maintain a journal. This has helped me countless times to remember things. I just use cheap printed pens and write down anything that I need to give attention to, from sending an important mail to calculating my taxes after reaching home. I have made separate sections of things, which I need to get done at office and the ones at home. This has surely helped me balance my work and personal life by keeping things in order.

  1. Marking down a calendar

If I have made some important appointments for a particular day and time, I make sure that I have marked it on my calendar. Using a calendar daily has turned out to be a good habit for me. The first thing I do on my laptop is check my calendar for events that are scheduled for the day. If something important comes up unexpectedly, I look into it and make the necessary changes to avoid it clashing with something else. If it is not that important, I may push that task for the next day.

  1. Take a pause

When I am under a lot of stress or when I find it difficult to keep up with my work and I’m running on a timeline, I just take a break. Afterwards, I write down everything that’s cluttering my mind in my calendar or journal.

By doing this, you can ensure that you are able to keep a record of everything that you have to do and don’t forget at the last moment. It will give you a peace of mind knowing that everything is accounted for. When you are not able to keep up with your to-do things, start adding them in your reminding system. You can enter it either in your calendar or use an application of your choice and when the time arrives, you will get the job done by not forgetting anything.

  1. Make a task list

If you are more of a tech savvy person, you can go ahead and try some apps from the App Store or Play Store depending upon which OS you use. One of the most suitable app I found is Evernote. This app helps you stay organised by taking notes in a variety of formats including texts, audio, video, sketches, photos, web clippings, PDFs and more. If a particular thought comes to my mind about a project, I make a note of it in my notebook. This way, the next time I open my notebook, all the ideas and thoughts are in one place for me to go ahead.

  1. Use different applications

If you are one of the few unfortunates, like me, who have a habit of forgetting appointments and meetings, always set up a reminder for the same in your calendar or some other application. You can also name an alarm if you want to do something on a specific time; for example, whishing a friend for their birthday at sharp 12’o clock. You can try out different applications from your respective application stores and find which one works the best for you.

The above given tips have helped me a lot to remember things and I hope they will help you too. By using a single tip, you might improve your ability to remember things, but using all them all together will make you a memory powerhouse. Simply follow these tips and you might never forget a thing in your life again!