The Panasonic Digital Cameras are a lovely piece of picture gadget that enables you to take pictures and store them for future viewing so that you never forget those sweet memories.   The DMC-SZ3 Panasonic digital camera is one such master piece which is extremely easy to use with loads of features.  It’s compact and can fit into your small bag so that you can take it with you everywhere you go and take amazing pictures.  The unique feature is that it takes more than a thousand pictures because of its large internal as well as external memory.  But one thing you should bear in mind, whenever you buy a digicam, never ever hesitates to invest in a good quality case for the cam.

Because it’s highly vulnerable like a mobile phone to drop-off your hands, pockets or bag.  It could get seriously damaged that way and you will then repent to have got it damaged because it’s almost irreparable.  So, as soon as you have purchased a Panasonic Digital Cameras ask for a strong plastic or rubber case for the cam.  Always keep the cam inside the case and fasten the strap tight.  This will protect the cam from dust and light which the cam hates.  The Panasonic digicam will do everything that you want it to do.  Carry it along with you for your holidays, family shots or to shoot tigers in Africa.  They are a lovely companion that will save a lot of lovely and sharp picture for you.


The 123 Cameras promises some excellent pictures as the basic performance especially the Panasonic Lumix range of products.  They perform really well in all conditions whether dry or humid weather.  The latest camera from Panasonic is the FT series are quite tough cameras that promise optimum sharp pictures even in dusty atmosphere.

The earlier designs of Panasonic Cameraswere not up to the mark and professionals didn’t appreciate them a lot.  But the latest version has improved a lot, all shortcomings are removed and looks stunning.  The unique feature about it is that it’s Wi-fi enabled and for shooting it uses its 16 megapixel sensor.  Its optical zoom which is 4.6 X quite powerful to give you crisp pictures is almost at par with 28-128 millimetres in a 35 millimetres term.  The Panasonic 123 Cameras are the first of its kind to integrate the latest technology Near Field Communication.  This is an amazing feature that you will never find in any other camera.

It’s the next generation of transferring images from one camera device to another.  No need of Bluetooth or infrared technology.  All you have to do is to physically touch both the cams and you are done.  The images fly in fraction of a second, the transfer is done.  But both the transmitting and receiving devices must be NFC enabled.  If this doesn’t impress you, it has the latest image application of Panasonic, of course only in Android and iOS.  Images can be downloaded in an instant and it also has a global positioning system (GPS) inbuilt.