When a person gets the news that they have crooked teeth that require braces, it can make a lot of different thoughts go through their head. The first image they may get is smiling in the mirror and seeing nothing but a mouth full of metal braes that make them look less attractive. However, dental science has changed a lot over the past decade or more, and people can get straight teeth without having to deal with a mouth full of metal braces. Invisalign is a way for a person to straighten their teeth for a lot less money than metal braces, and there are many benefits to using these special mouth pieces for straight teeth.

Getting Straight Teeth For Less

Why Invisalign are Better than Metal Braces

Metal braces are still available today, but people are using them less and less. The fact is that metal braces are not considered to be the latest thing in straightening teeth, and now are considered to be a little old fashioned. Invisalign uses a special mouth piece to make teeth straight, and here is more information on why people are choosing them instead of traditional metal braces:

  • The Ability to have better Oral Hygiene:
  • When a person has metal going across both their upper and lower teeth, it can be quite difficult to brush them because the teeth are mostly covered by the braces. However, with the Invisalign braces, the piece that goes into the mouth can actually be removed completely, which will allow for the teeth to be properly brushed and flossed.

  • A much more Comfortable way to Straighten Teeth:
  • Braces that are made of metal can press the teeth, and many people have said that the pressure caused by the metal is painful especially if there is a problem and an adjustment is required. The mouth piece that goes into the mouth does not add a lot of extra pressure so wearing them is very comfortable and often people do not even notice they have one in their mouth after they get used to how it feels.

  • There are no Food Restrictions:
  • There are many foods that can get stuck between the braces, and sometimes cleaning those foods out can be a chore, and sometimes the foods cannot be removed completely. With the clear mouth guard, if someone eats something that accidentally sticks to it, then all they have to do is take the mouth piece out, wash and brush it, and then put it back in. With this mouth guard, every food can be washed away, and there are no food restrictions. A person can eat anything they want without having to worry about the food getting stuck in their braces, or the dentist becoming upset with them for eating something that got stuck in the metal.

When people have crooked teeth, they dread gong to the dentist because they think they will have to get metal braces that can often be painful and expensive. However, with Invisalign braces, it is a clear mouth piece that costs a lot less money and works just as well because a person can take the mouth piece out, can eat what they want, and there is no pain involved in straightening out their teeth.