Christmas is literally just days around the corner – so it’s the perfect time to send out your Christmas cards if you havn’t already done so. However, buying Christmas cards from your local shop can sometimes seem really impersonal, especially when paired with a standard message inside; ‘To Name, Love Name’. Why not get a bit more personal and create your very own Christmas cards?  Even if you don’t think you’re a very creative person, you can do this fairly easily.

Choose Your Card Paper

You can literally choose a ton of paper possibilities when creating your Christmas cards. Here are a couple of options to get you started:

  • Copy paper – this is easy to work with, although probably not the best choice.
  • Card stock – feels like real card paper, high quality!
  • Scrapbook paper – you can choose a great variety of scrapbook paper. Choose some with a border if you aren’t very artistic to take some of the hard work out of it for you!

Get Crafty This Christmas: Make Your Own Christmas Cards!

Choose Your Card Format

Card stock is the best stuff for choosing a great card format – you can literally do anything with it! with your other choices you have limited options are they can be slightly flimsy, so if you want a postcard style card or an even wackier design, go for card stock.

Write Your Cards

Here’s how you can write your cards simply and quickly:

  • You could print your message onto your card, using a font or message somebody else has already thought up. Sites like pinterest are great for this!
  • Fill your card with a cute family photo to make the recipients go ‘awww’.

Decorate Your Cards

It’s really easy to decorate your card and make it appear professional without it taking up much of your time or effort at all. Try:

  • Decorating your card with ribbon. Use a hole punch to thread the ribbon through and tie a bow!
  • Creating a card border using some special scissors or by drawing your design and then cutting it out.
  • Using festive stamps and stickers to give a fun festive feel.

Tip: avoid using too much glitter – the thoughtfulness of your card will be ignored and the receiver will probably feel annoyed at you for messing up their floor.

Handwrite Your Card

Now you’re finished, you can handwrite a personalised Christmas message inside of the card. Make sure you date it somewhere, so when the person looks back at it they’ll know exactly when you sent the card. Sign the card, and you’re done!

You can now see just how easy it is to get crafty at Christmas and make your own heartfelt, thoughtful Christmas cards. If you’re having trouble thinking up design’s, take a look at Penny Lindop for inspiration! Don’t forget to let your personality shine through in your cards; think of adding humour if that’s what you like! It’ll mean much more to the person receiving it. Have a great Christmas and New Year!