In order to keep the dogs happy and secure, DOGTV and The Humane Society of the United States, which is popularly known as HSUS, have joined their hands. According to the information of the reliable source, DOGTV offers support to the HSUS’ Pets for Life Program in order to widen the reach of animal services, information and resources to the areas under-served.

DOGTV In Partnership With HSUS Serves The Pets In NeedIt is worthy to mention in the context that DOGTV is the one and only television network broadcast only for dogs. On the other hand, HSUS is the leading and most effective organization of the nation offering services for animal protection.

In order to educate the owners of the dog about the way to decrease separation anxiety and create a healthier and happier pet, DOGTV leads an awareness campaign. Source revealed that DOGTV trains the dog owners by using its scientifically developed programming.

The chief executive officer of DOGTV, Gilad Neumann, informed that The Humane Society of the United States and DOGTV are really happy and proud to offer such an exclusive services that are entirely aimed to keep the dogs cheerful and in their homes for the lifetime.

Neumann further added that they support the Pets for Life Program of the HSUS because they offer the services for the welfare of the animals especially for the pet dogs. He also opined that the each time the four footed friends of the subscriber enjoyed DOGTV, the subscribers can be sure of the fact that they are also an integral part of the program and assist the dogs in need.

DOGTV has announced an interesting offer to the supporters of the HSUS. To celebrate the powerful partnership in an effective way, DOGTV would offer their subscription in free for a month to the HSUS supporter.

In the words of the vice President of companion animals of the HSUS, Betsy McFarland in order to offer enrichment and social stimulation to the pets especially when they are not in the home, DOGTV would serve as the potential medium to be the most useful resources for the owners of the pets or dogs. DOGTV utilizes several techniques to make it fruitful. Betsy even stated that they are quite excited being supported by DOGTV in such an exceptional program.

As per information, DOGTV categorized their programming into three different segments. Stimulation, relaxation and exposure are the three categories that work together to provide the perfect balance for the daily routines of the pet dogs.

The stimulation section of DOGTV encourages the playfulness of the dogs via exciting animations, active movements of camera and moving animals and objects with proper frequencies and sounds.

The relaxation features sounds, soothing music and visuals to decrease the stress level and relax the dogs.

The exposure utilizes the most advanced veterinary science, special sounds and visuals to habituate and comfort dogs by exposing the pets to various day-to-day experiences that include vacuum cleaners, cars, doorbells etc.

It is remarkable that DOGTV produces such advanced programming after conducting the advantages of such program with the dogs as well as dog owners, trainers and veterinaries. They take immense care to create the proper color effect, brightness, contrast, special music and sound effects that can suit the sense of dogs.