Grand Theft Auto Vice City 5 is one of the best game that have released in the past month. This game already bagged lots of sales and profits and even attracted many customers and players till now. Similar to Grand Theft Auto Vice City 5 is the Football Manager game that all deals with the tactics, issues, changing of players from one team to the other and operations that take place in the game. The beta version of this game have already been released and many of the fans of this game were surprised to see the beta version and excited to buy the full game which is going to be released by the end of this month, October 31st.

Football Manager: The Best Game Ever

This game Football Manager 14 is going to have best ever features when compared to the other Football Manager games that have released till now. The designers at SEGA and the manufacturers of the game promised and proved that many changes were applied in this Football Manager 14. They focused on all the parts of the game and made changes where ever needed. The most highlight of this game is that this game can be even saved in the cloud so that any person can play the saved game from any part of the world on any computer. This game, Football Manager 14 is more interactive to all ages. Anyone can play this game. It is particular with how a player interacts with all the team members, board members and even how a manger changes the tactics. The transfer deals are made and even the players and clubs can demand for new transfer clauses.

The flagship of he Football Manager game is the transfer clauses. The designers of the game improved the fields of transfer negotiations that look more realistic to the gamers. The contracts that are used in the real life for transfer clauses are added in the Football Manager 14 for the gamers to be  more realistic. The gamers can even offer the opposition team players for cash and loan in exchange with their team members. One can loan a player and can even put him back to his old club as a part of the contract which will be helpful in bringing on board the Football Manager wonder kids.

Football Manager: The Best Game Ever

New changes in the Football Manager Game

The major changes that took place in the game is about the player tactics. To make the play more excitement, the opposition team can make changes to the way you play which is going to be though play and an interesting play. On the other side of the game noted managers, top opposition teams will evolve to counter the player tactics and whereas the other teams in the middle, bottom half will play in the same and old Football Manager way. One can assign a new range of instructions, more defined roles to all the individual players.

There will be a meeting at the end of every season and the manager can set and analyze his players for the upcoming year. The match is improved in the field of animation and graphics, Football Manager game is all about the tactics, transfers and not fully on animations. Even though the game is modified the game is available for a price range of the game is US $25.00.