The online gaming community is an enormous one indeed. People from all over the world, spend countless of hours, and money in order to play role-playing games, strategy games, sports games, horror games and many many more. If you are a “gamer” you have probably already heard of Steam. If not, let me start by telling you that it is the largest gaming community, with the best possible selection of games.

Some people have steam game lists as long as dictionaries, and this is where Valve gets money from. They sell games for two dollars, and people pick them up even if they aren’t very interested. They’re two dollars, so who cares. But you might actually be missing out on some of the greatest adventures. There are some games that you simply HAVE to play at least once in your life. Lets take a look at the best games you can buy on Steam, with a little under ten dollars.

1. DOTA 2

The most adequate example of amazing game on Steam is Dota 2. When this game first appeared, it caused tidal waves in the gaming community. The opening event was held at Valve, in Seattle, and it consisted of a competition between the sixteen best dota teams in the world. The prize pool was one million dollars. There has never been a game as popular as Dota 2.

Until some time ago, the only way that you could play it was by receiving a dota key, which was worth ten dollars. Since the key became useless, three million people also joined it. In other words, you get an amazing game, for free. All you need, is a decent computer (because the graphics aren’t very complex) and a good internet connection. For a complete package of internet, TV and phone check out the Time Warner triple play offer.

2. Doom (Doom 2, and final Doom)

You might remember this game from the time when you were a little kid. I remember it, and it is probably the reason why I have invested so much into gaming. The Doom series are brutal, and addictive. If you are a fan of First-Person shooters, you should choose Doom. It has splendid environments, memorable music, enemies, maps and weapons. Everything about it is memorable. Along with counter-strike, it is one of the best shooters of all times.

3. Terraria

Terraria is a wonderful game where you can dig, fight, explore and build. It is only a little under 15.00 dollars, and it’s worth every penny. What you must do, is basically use your tools to craft weapons, fight off enemies and rearrange the world. In Terraria, the world is your canvas, and the ground itself is the paint. Its key features are the sandbox play, free content updates and randomly generated worlds.

4. The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

A few years ago, the Elder Scrolls was a horrible game, with horrible characters and an awful lot of bugs. A few expansions and patches later, the game became amazing. Oblivion and Skyrim are both awesome, but Oblivion has a more interesting quest-line. You will never feel like you are wasting your time, and you could literally play on forever.

5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Do we really have to discuss about the awesomeness of GTA: San Andreas? It is seriously one of the most amazing games of all time (as are all the GTA movies). You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. This sandbox franchise has won the hearts of millions of gamers, and the GTA 5 online series that is currently being fixed, has caused waves of anticipation among fans.