Graphene is an indispensable element for development of many commercial products, especially electronic goods. The major issue relating to Graphene use now solved and it is an example of scientific invention boosting business.

Since its first appearance about a decade ago, Graphene has been an indispensable element for technological inventions and manufacturing of products. With awesome strength and flexibility despite being one of the lightest elements around, it has been used in multiple ways in the commercial world.

GrapheneDespite its usefulness there was one downside of Graphene use. Till now scientists were not able to find out how to turn off Graphene. Thus the savior of technology also turned out to be a headache at times.
As one of the reviewers comments; “at least, that’s been the chatter for the last nine or so years, ever since scientists isolated the single-atom-thick carbon derivative.”

Graphene is very lightweight and yet very strong and can easily bring up the commercial world to the space age. The scope for use is just huge and beyond comprehension. In addition to being an important element in manufacturing industry; there are divergent uses of Graphene in medical science and entertainment world based on electronic devices.

Yet the full potential of Graphene remained beyond reach for the one potent reason; no one knew how to turn it off. This exactly, is the field where the scientists have now come up with an important breakthrough.

A report that has come up in the MIT Technology Review that says that a group of innovative scientists have solved the problem of Graphene making it works like a switch. It was something that was not being possible till date in respect of information processing.

Graphene is super conductor as was revealed when a Graphene transistor was tested. It recorded 427 GHz, something unimaginable when a typical 11-inch MacBook has the processor that runs at only 1.3 GHz. It means that a Graphene based transistor can work 300 times more than its traditional counterparts.

But then, Graphene still had that one issue that it could not be turned off. But with the breakthrough that now the scientists have been able to achieved Graphene based transistors are now “a system that dramatically outperforms silicon and the performance is several orders of magnitude higher than for any reported or even projected scaled circuits”; says a recent article.

The outcome of these is that the days of running into the limits of Moore’s Law is now over provided what the scientists have been able to find out are true about Graphene. It also dispenses with the fears relating to use of other types of elements like silicon. Moreover, with the technological revolution, in place, the processor of today may look something like toys in comparison to those made using Graphene.

Despite the fact that Graphene is procured using the complex process of mining graphite and then putting it through the process of chemical vapor deposition on to another material, the use of it can truly revolutionize the commercial world that should remain grateful to the smart group of scientists that made the technological breakthrough.