Christmas is right around the corner, and that means the panic buying has begun. If you have a longtime special lady in your life who you are looking to impress this year, it is time to go big or go home. This year the new pair of socks and bath set just isn’t going to cut it, instead, you should take inspiration from what is trending, and new whilst also keeping in mind what your lady would love. 

Before you jump into any hasty decisions, you should set yourself a budget. There is no point breaking the bank on 10 different gifts your lady wouldn’t love, compared to buying 2 amazing gifts she has always dreamed of. If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at our inspired gifts that every girl has on their Christmas list:


Personalised Stocking 

To start things off, you need to pull out all of the stops. That means even the way you give your presents should be personable and thoughtful. If you are looking for the icing on the cake, you should look into buying your partner a personalised stocking. Stockings are a great way to build up the Christmas surprise for your female partner, increasing the anticipation towards the big day. Also, if it comes personalised you will earn even more partner points for making the gift so personable and kind.

Polaroid Camera

As we all know we are all living our lives through photography on social media, but one of the biggest trends at the moment is taking things back to basics with polaroid cameras. Polaroids were at the height of popularity in the 70s, but they are now back in fashion with classic, yet portable cameras available to buy. They are the cutest and most wholesome way to capture memories, and your significant other is sure to love their very own polaroid camera.

Going Out Dress

This gift might be a tricky one, but if you get it right you will receive praise for years to come. Buying your girlfriend a stunning going-out dress will be much more appreciated than some flimsy socks. Night out dresses are best bought when they are trendy yet unique. Try and find out your partner’s favourite clothing store, or even a clothing store she has always wanted to shop from.

Hair Stylers 

A woman can never have too many products for their hair. With so many high-tech hair gadgets available at the moment, you will be spoilt for choice with which to get her. Before you jump into buying her just any old hair styler, consider what her hair type is right now. If her hair is curly, maybe look into gadgets that optimise her curls, or if she loves a bouncy blow dry, consider the new Dyson air wrap. If you want to make this gift even more special, include some hair oils and products to pair with her new hair styler.

Self Care Products 

The epitome of being female is having a self-care routine that makes them feel their best. Women’s self-care can seem like a complicated rabbit hole, and if you have no idea where to start you should first look into skincare. Skin care is all the craze right now, whether you are trying to get rid of spots or reduce the signs of ageing, all women love to have an extensive collection. Try to shop in stores selling self-care products to ask the assistants what is the most popular thing at the moment, and take other words for it!


Pyjamas are always a safe stocking filler if you are looking for something to make up your collections of gifts. You can never have too many lounging clothes, after all, we spend one-third of our lives sleeping and your partner should be doing so in comfort. Silk and cotton pyjamas are the softest of all pyjama types, so try and find a luxury setting for your partner to enjoy. Perhaps give them this gift on Christmas even as a warm-up for Christmas day!

Gym Trainers 

If you are looking for the type of gift your girlfriend would avoid buying themselves, you should consider gifting her some gym trainers. Gym trainers are a tedious thing to buy, especially now they have become so expensive. If your partner is the type of woman who likes to stay active or is looking to become active, gym trainers would be a valuable gift. Invest in shoes that will last the long run, whilst being stylish enough to wear every day.

Designer Handbag

If you are looking to splash the cash, a designer handbag would be a smart choice. Of course, do not consider this gift if your partner has no interest in such gifts, but if you know she has been dreaming of a certain bag you should make her dreams come true. If she has not hinted at any specific brand she loves, maybe opt for a non-designer for now. If she loves a designer chances are she has already hinted at a brand she loves, therefore you should take her word for it and get her a handbag from there.


If you are looking for a thoughtful girl that your partner can treasure forever, jewellery is always the safest option. Women love having beautiful jewellery items that they can pair with all genres of attire, therefore finding her the perfect jewellery item is just. If you want to keep things personable, invest in a birthstone- a specific piece of jewellery that includes her birthday gemstone. This takes your gift to the next level and shows how thoughtful of a partner you are.


Smelling good is essential for most women, and what would be better than finding her a perfume that you would love to smell on her? Perfume is a great way to share how much you think of her at this time of the year, and also expresses how you have taken the time to find a scent that suits her the most. Women love having a variety of perfumes, so don’t be thrown off if you know she has a large selection of scents already.


Final Thoughts 

The main points to keep in mind are is your chosen gift personable, and also will she make use of the gift? Before making any hasty decisions, make sure that you know she would value the gift and unnecessary spending on gifts she won’t appreciate is something you should avoid. If you are not bothered about the gift, don’t assume that she feels the same. She will still expect a surprise, and if you can manage to do so you are in for a lot of Christmas points!