Hot chocolate tastes amazing year-round, but it’s nearly magical when you finally get your first sip of it in the winter.  Philly’s home to countless claims to fame, and nothing is better than how good the hot chocolate is here.

If you’re in town and you want a taste of something fantastic, it’s time to check out some of these great stops!

Anthony’s Italian Coffee and Chocolate House

When you’re ready to try fantastic hot chocolate with a scoop of gelato on the side, it’s time to make your way to Anthony’s.  This chocolate house has awesome drinks, excellent snacks, and enough options to leave your head spinning.  Although it’s incredibly affordable, every drink and meal is made to look and taste like high-brow food.  This is an incredible destination for first dates or anyone wanting to take their family out for fantastic flavors.

Shane Confectionery

Fans of Shane Confectionery are quick to tell everyone to try and get hot chocolate here.  It’s so popular that this 110-year-old shop often runs out of hot chocolate due to the high demand.  Keeping with its roots, Shane Confectionery has a rustic and historic vibe that will make anyone fall in love with it.  Locals proudly claim that they’ve been coming to Shane’s for generations, and after you try the food here, you might want to start this habit as well!

Cafe y Chocolate

If you need something to heat you up after looking at Philadelphia houses for sale, it’s time to get Mexican hot chocolate at Cafe y Chocolate.  The cinnamon flavor in their hot chocolate warms you up from the inside out and makes the winter a lot easier to handle.  Cafe y Chocolate has the most affordable hot chocolate on this list, but it’s also the most flavorful you’ll find anywhere.  Everyone loves the laid-back vibes and incredible smells and flavors that can be found here.

Max Brenner

If you’ve never had Italian hot chocolate, you’re missing out!  At Max Brenner, you can try a huge assortment of sweets and delicious snacks that will blow you away bite after bite.  Famous for its dessert pizza and beloved for its awesome cannolis, the real star is its hot chocolate.  This robust flavor is so uniquely Italian that you’ll want to tell everyone you pass to come back and try a cup of it.  This is a fantastic stop.

Lore’s Chocolates

When you’re done visiting the Liberty Bell, take a second and check out Lore’s Chocolates!  This landmark shop has countless hand-molded and filled chocolates, plus sweets, bakery goods, and of course, the best hot chocolate you’ll find in Philly.  The fantastic flavors here are all made in-house and will stun anyone who gets a taste.

The creamy dairy mixed with dark and savory chocolate swirled with brown sugar makes every cup the best cup of hot chocolate you’ll ever try.

There’s Nothing Tastier Than Hot Chocolate in Philly!

Hot chocolate is one of the best things you’ll find in the winter, and Philadelphia kicks those flavors up a notch!  Consider visiting one of these awesome restaurants soon!