There are effective tips and guidelines to ensure successful Twitter marketing. We can do the following tips to greatly improve our chance of obtaining success with Twitter.

How Business Owners Should Use Twitter

  1. Identify influential people and organizations in the industry: We should engage with influencers in our industry. In many cases, they have a Twitter presence and we can follow them. We could use Twitter’s search engine to find important individuals, organizations and companies in our business. We should follow them to get latest updates in the industry. It is also important to engage them in occasional conversations. In this case, we will be able to enhance our credibility. Many small businesses gain better recognition in Twitter by being regularly present in Twitter feeds of important influencers in the industry.
  2. Only send quality tweets: The best thing about Twitter is also its biggest problem. Anyone can immediately blast anything in an open online environment. Twitter is regularly attacked by legions of spammers who try to push their products and services. In this case, we should do always try to do the opposite. In fact, the first thing that businesses should do in Twitter isn’t to introduce their products, but to approach potential customers. When people think about our Twitter account, they should associate it with something useful. If we have a blog, it should be syndicated properly with the Twitter account. If we do this, we could prove ourselves to be a value Twitter user. Trust on Twitter is unfortunately difficult to get and very easy to lose. In this case, we shouldn’t blow the chance.
  3. Use URL shorteners: When using Twitter, we should make sure to use the URL shortener service, such as It is quite useful, because we will be able to track the amount of data that passes through the service. As an example, we will know how often people click on the shortened URL. It means that we will know what kind of data that our followers love most. We will be able to deliver more relevant content to users and we will be able to bring more value to them.
  4. Try to be consistent: In general, Twitter is a tool that we use quite often, but at other times, we totally neglect it. In some cases, people may not access their Twitter account for one whole week. In this case, we should fight off any urge to skip and it is important to be consistent with our posting. In general, we should spend at least 15 minutes each day to update our presence in Twitter.
  5. Define target audience: If we want to use Twitter for business-related tasks, we should make sure that no tweet gets ignored. It is true that many people are quite busy, but we should make sure that we could focus on our target audience. As an example, we could enter specific keyword terms, like “SEO service” or “car repair service”. Twitter will display results of people who regularly talk about these terms. We may also use the minus (-) sign to remove unwanted terms, such as “car repair service? –BMW”. This is a very powerful tool and we can further refine results to find the most appropriate target audience.