E-cigarettes are a relatively new but highly popular alternative to conventional cigarettes. Although there are innumerable people around the world, who can testify to the numerous benefits which e cigarettes have to offer, however there is a small population of those as well who have many misconceptions about e cigarettes, usually considering them to be bad or unsafe. Here we have clarified some common misconceptions that people have about e cigarettes.

Some Misconceptions About E Cigarettes

Misconception 1

E cigarettes are as Bad as Tobacco Cigarettes.

Although a small amount of carcinogens is found in nicotine cartridges but it is really negligible and does not cause any danger to the smoker. Many tests have shown that even other products like nicotine patches and nicotine gum contain similar nitrosamines. Thus moderate use of e cigarettes is known to cause no damage to the health of the smoker.

Misconception 2

E cigarettes can be as Addictive as Regular Cigarettes

Addiction to smoking is caused when a person is unable to get his required amount of nicotine. It means that once a person’s need for nicotine has been met, he will no longer feel the urge to smoke. Also the nicotine delivered by e cigarettes is not as strong or efficient as the tobacco smoke, which is actually much higher in case of regular cigarettes.

Misconception 3

E Cigarettes can lead to Tobacco Smoking

Many people believe that attractive flavors of e cigarettes can encourage even non smokers to try e cigarettes, which can later turn it into an addiction. However, this is not true as flavor is hardly considered a strong enough reason to start smoking. People smoke due to different reasons, such as dealing with stress, anxiety or boredom. Thus it does not mean that attractive flavors can solely attract someone to start tobacco smoking. Also the comparatively higher costs of e cigarettes make it unlikely to attract new or young smokers.

Misconception 4

Second Hand Vapor of E Cigarettes is Risky for Bystanders

Some people consider the vapors of e cigarettes to be damaging for bystanders if inhaled. They fail to understand that the vapor of e cigarettes behaves differently than tobacco smoke. The vapor very quickly dissipates and also contains very less amount of nicotine. Even if someone passes through vapor, he will not be able to notice anything other than a fain scent.

Misconception 5

Flavors and Packaging of E Cigarettes is aimed at Attracting Young People

E cigarettes are a healthier alternative to conventional cigarettes and are not aimed at attracting young people or children. Different flavours and attractive packaging are required for marketing e cigarettes, just like any other product.

As it is clear from the above discussion that e cigarettes do not cause any damage or risk to the health of the smoker or even the bystander, thus it again proves the effectiveness of e cigarettes as a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes. E cigarettes are available in various varieties, including rechargeable, battery operated, disposables and many more. You can easily choose one according to your liking and enjoy smoking without causing any negative impact on your health.