Your teeth condition reflects your overall health. The lack of hygiene and poor eating habits would promote teeth decay. Many people wish to age beautifully and preserve all the teeth, however, it might be more difficult that it seems. Poor hygiene and eating habits may significantly deteriorate the quality of your teeth.

The insufficient intake of calcium, vitamins and phosphorous may be lethal for your teeth. Your bones and teeth condition depends on your diet.

Below you will find a list of essential foods for a healthy smile:

7 Healthy Foods For Strong Teeth And Bones

1. Apples

Not that many people are aware that apples are nature’s toothbrushes. Chewing an apple would massage and polish your teeth and gums. The high water content in apples increases the production of saliva that prevents the tooth decay. Apples are a great source of vitamins and minerals. An apple after dinner would cleanse your teeth.

2. Water

Drinking water is great for your teeth. It helps to clean your mouth after every meal. Water would keep your body hydrated and clean from toxins. Toxins are responsible for tooth decay. Dry mouth reduces the amount of saliva in your mouth that deposits calcium and phosphorous into your enamel and teeth. Therefore, it is important to drink enough water for sufficient saliva production.

Make it a rule to drink a glass of water every time after your meal.

3. Celery

Celery encourages the production of saliva in your mouth that limits the tooth decay and plaque production. Fresh celery with a hummus dip is a great snack for healthy teeth. When you eat celery you brush your teeth at the same time.

4. Cheese

Cheese is a great source of calcium and healthy fats. Every time you decide to have a snack while¬† at work, have a cheese snack. This way you will avoid eating unhealthy chips or crackers that will stuck between your teeth. If you don’t like eating cheese you can have a natural sugar-free yoghurt to restore the calcium in your body.

5. Onion

Many people don’t eat fresh onions due to the stinky odor that affects your breath. Nonetheless, fresh onion possesses some unique health benefits. Onion is a natural antibacterial remedy that can help you in keeping your teeth decay free. Chewing a raw onion would kill all the oral bacteria and inevitably destroy your fresh breath. That is why you need to have a sugar-free chewing gum after your meal to get rid of the odor.

7 Healthy Foods For Strong Teeth And Bones

6. Milk

Milk is an essential source of calcium. It doesn’t matter if you prefer low-fat, skimmed or full-fat milk. What matters is the amount of Vitamin D and calcium in your body. You can put some fresh milk in your tea or coffee, or simply eat some cereals with milk every morning. This way you will maintain the natural level of calcium in your body.

7. Kiwi

This fruit is basically loaded with vitamin C. This vitamin is responsible for collagen network maintenance that stops the spread of gum infection. Vitamin C also boosts healing mechanisms in your body and strengthens your teeth and gums.

A healthy diet is only a part of the deal. It is impossible to imagine healthy teeth without regular dentist checkups. Schedule an appointment with dentists from Dr. Robert Stoner Dentistry to check the condition of your teeth and gums.

If you already have some Indianapolis dental implants in your mouth, you need to reconsider your eating habits and hygiene routines to avoid installing any implants in the future.