Celebrity Skincare Trends: Should You Try The Latest Kardashian Trend?Women will do anything to get perfectly smooth skin. We shave, tweeze, and wax. Ouch. If we don’t like the results the first time around with left-over stubble, we do it all over again. There has to be a better way and Kim and Khole Kardashian are already following the latest hair removal trend on the market with laser hair removal.

A Smooth Move

The Kardashian sisters are such fans of the laser hair removal treatments that they pretty much endorse it on their own during interviews with top beauty publishers. Even during her pregnancy, Kim used them to remove baby hairs on her forehead. What is the appeal and benefits of trying out this hair removal technique? The Kardashians aren’t the only ones to try out the trend. Other celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and Alyssa Milano have gone in for treatments too.

So before your first treatment, what should know about laser removal if you’re willing to try it? To start, you can consider the genes you have because treatments work best for those who have light skin with dark and coarse hair. Those with tan skin can be easily irritated by lasers, but the equipment is also adjusted to the color and thickness of the hair to be removed. The next step is assessing the pros and cons of this commitment to a hair-free body.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

The top reasons why people are opting for laser hair removal treatments are because it is fast and precise. It doesn’t take much to see full term results either. After only about three to five sessions, 90% of patients now have permanent hair loss in targeted areas during treatments.

Cons of Laser Hair Removal

Taking specific care of your hair and skin before and after laser hair removal treatments is essential for successful treatments. As long as six weeks before treatment sessions, patients should stop waxing, plucking, or shaving any hair they wish to be removed by laser. After treatments, your skin will be very sensitive and you need to be sure to use moisturizers on a daily basis as well as sunscreen consistently for the next month after. The removal process is as much of a commitment as other techniques have proven to be.

Unfortunately sometimes people experience extreme skin irritation such as blisters, redness, and even temporary scarring. However, any permanent skin irritation afterwards is very rare.

So Should You Make That Appointment?

Laser hair removal treatments can be done in many different areas from legs, arms, bikini, armpits, and facial hair. Don’t feel that you have to use this treatment for every body part either. Try one area out first and see what you think and if you like it, continue with it if you wish.

If you’re still not sure if this treatment is the right option for you, meet with a technician for a consultation and their point of view. If this technique is not right for you, there are plenty of other options to try or continue with shaving, tweezing, and waxing if that is best for your beauty routine.