Dr. Brad Belt, DMD, knows that it takes a personable, gentle, and caring dentist to grow a dental practice. Patients assume that they are going to be getting 5-star treatment when they go to their durango dentist anyways, so what else are patients looking for in a dentist? Patients of other dentists that come to Dr. Belt for his free second opinion often have complaints of their current dentist or even just say what they wish their dentist would do differently.

The number one thing that patients want in a dentist is availability. Nobody wants to schedule their first appointment with a dentist and be told that the soonest they can be seen is months away. It can be really difficult to find a dentist that is taking new patients, has appointments available within a few days, and has hours that can accommodate your schedule. Dr. Brad Belt knows that and it is why that he chose to have one of the only practices in Durango, Colorado that has hours from 7am until 7pm.

What Patients Look For In A Dentist

Another really important thing to patients is a friendly and helpful staff. The dentist is typically the last person that is seen by the patient, while the receptionist and the rest of the staff are the ones who are in charge of making the best possible first impression. At Durango Dental, your durango dentistry, the staff is very kind both in person and on the phone; because they know that it is important to make patients want to come to the office. Dr. Belt says that his goal is to make sure that when patients come in for a visit, that they leave feeling better about themselves.

These days it is very important to patients to have several different payment options available to them. Most people do not pay their bill with cash, and they would prefer to pay monthly or charge their card. Financing dental work doesn’t need to be complicated and hard, so patients will want to look for a dentist that makes it easy to pay for their dental work. Your durango dentist, Dr. Belt, knows how important it is to have a budget and stick to it these days, which is why he accepts all major insurance plans, credit cards, and even has financing available. On top of that, he offers special discounts to new patients that permit free cleaning or discounted rates without insurance.

When it comes to finding the right dentist, you need to be a little selfish. Look for the qualities that are important to you: comfort, convenience, and quality. Going to the dentist doesn’t ever need to be painful, expensive, or even take several weeks to schedule the appointment. If you want your dental care made easy, choose Dr. Brad Belt, your durango dentist.