Employees are cramped in cubicles, drab walls greet incoming clients and the stained, worn-out carpet has seen better days. If this sounds like your business, it’s time for a new look. But if you’re running a small business with a small budget, it’s difficult to find the time and money to do a complete remodel. Luckily, you can give the office a much-needed makeover without having to spend thousands hiring a remodeling company. Here are tips on how to update the workplace on a budget.

Revamping Your Office On A Tight Budget

Get Everyone Involved

One way to save money and encourage teamwork is to get employees involved with redecorating. Set aside a workday or two so that everyone can participate, and allow people to choose what area they’d like to help with. Assign teams to different areas like painting, decorating, furnishing, carpeting and clean-up, so each job is completed quickly. Either work on one room at a time, or make sure there’s an area of the office where people who have deadlines can work in peace.

Painting and Flooring

These jobs require a bit more handyman skills than decorating a room, so make sure employees have enough experience in these areas before setting them loose. Provide everything they’ll need to do the job, including paint, primer, blue tape, brushes and a variety of carpet installation tools, like carpet tape, seam rollers and carpet cutters. Choose colors that inspire creativity instead of the usual beige or gray found in most office settings.

If none of your employees are experienced with painting or carpeting, ask around to see if any of their friends or family are willing to contribute to the cause (for compensation, of course).

Revamping Your Office On A Tight Budget

Update the Furnishings

Trade the typical office desks and chairs for more fun and relaxing options. Exercise balls, bean bags, couches — even lawn chairs — show personality in an otherwise boring office environment. Instead of using cubicles, push tables or desks together so employees can sit across from each other. Not only is this a more modern office design, it encourages collaboration and team-building. Save even more money by visiting local thrift stores and looking for quirky furnishings and decorations to use around the office.

Encourage Personality

No matter how you decide to arrange the office, encourage employees to decorate their work areas. 40 hours a week (or more) is a long time to spend at a desk, so allowing them to give their space personality makes long hours more enjoyable. Make decorating more of an incentive by holding a competition to see who has the most well-designed, creative or organized work area.

Even if your budget is big enough to turn the breakroom into a bowling alley, your office design should reflect your company’s personality. Sure, clients will be impressed by the typical corporate office setting, but incorporating a little creativity into your workplace leaves a lasting impression on clients and gives employees a workweek they can look forward to.