Wi-Fi is one of the biggest changes int he field of technology and internet. At least each and every person owns a personal computer and an internet connection to the personal computer. Using wired broadband connection we can use internet to only a particular computer whereas using Wi-Fi we can transfer signals up to a minimum range of fifty meters. We can share the internet connection with all the devices which support Wi-Fi such as latest mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even phablets. So, it is better to use a Wi-Fi router at home to transfer signals and make use of internet with all other devices, so that every person who are at home can make use of internet connection. Recently Chinese scientists have proved and developed a new device in which the broadband signals can be transferred using light rays without Wi-Fi in which radio frequencies are used to transfer signals.

Say Good Bye To Wi-Fi And Welcome Li-Fi

Chi Nan, an Information Technology professor with Shanghai’s Fudan University said that four independent computers can be connected to the internet with the help of one watt Light Emitting Diode which uses light as the carrier signal instead of radio frequencies which are used in Wi-Fi. Hence, this technology is named as Li-Fi because, the signals are transmitted using light ray and was termed by Harald Hass who is from the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom and says that it is a type of communication technology in which it is visible to a person.

Chi, who leads a Li-Fi research team including scientists from the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that Li-Fi is built with many microchips and can transfer as fast as one hundred and fifty megabits per second which is more faster than that of an average broadband service in China.

Say Good Bye To Wi-Fi And Welcome Li-Fi

It is even said that a ten samples of Li-Fi kits will be displayed at the China International Industry Fair that will begin from November 5th in Shanghai. In China, the wireless signal transmission kit is very costly and not perfect in emitting the signals that is efficiency rate is low. Chi said that most of the base stations that are developed all over the world for cell phones to improve the strength of the signals are consuming more amount of energy for cooling their systems and even the emission of signals is only five percent.

Say Good Bye To Wi-Fi And Welcome Li-Fi

So, this new technology will reduce the consumption of more power while we use them for base stations, whereas Li-Fi will not consume any power because they are developed in a LED light bulbs. When the LED lights are switched ON then the internet signals will be emitted as far as the light rays can pass. Once the light is switched OFF then the signals will stop transmitting. Li-Fi is developed only in LED lights because, these days as the trend have changed so,people are following the new trend of using LED lights at home. If the light in one room can be passed to another room and can be stopped by just closing the door. So, where ever there is light then there is a sign of internet connection. So, this technology is going to be a big commercial success. But, the development of security keys to all the particular lights are still in progress. So, hope to see Li-Fi soon around your home premises.

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