As seen in movies such as iRobot, Terminator and many more, people thought of having a robotic world in which the robots will be helping people where ever they are such as either in home, helping their owners in the kitchen while cleaning and serving or in the office, for serving the employees. Now this is going to be real scene apart from movies in which the scientists have developed the world’s first realistic human robot that can speak, walk and even breath and was made of prosthetic parts which look alike the humans and even has a beating heart.

Human Robot That Speaks, Walks And Breathes

It took the scientists almost one million US dollars to build the robot. The body parts assembled from prosthetic and artificial organs that are denoted by all some of the laboratories all over the world. Two robot preparers Rich Walker and Matthew Godden of the Shadow Robot company in England have prepared this human robot. Rich Walker told the sources that their job was to order for a large collection of body parts such as organs, limbs, heads, eyes. After exactly of six weeks struggle by both the robot makers which lead to a new human robot called the bionic man. Even Rich Walker said that to replace the part with prosthetic part in which that particular part is missing in a human being as they did not find any human like that so, they have built a human for the prosthetic parts to occupy the missing parts.

This bionic human robot was prepared in such a way that were modeled after Bertolt Meyer, a social psychologist at the University of Zurich, in Switzerland, who wears one of the world’s most advanced bionic hands.

Human Robot That Speaks, Walks And Breathes

The prepared human bionic robot has the same prosthetic hand in which the Bertolt Meyer has such as, the i-Limb made by the Touch Bionics and the wrist that can fully rotate that is, 360 degrees and fingers are modeled with motors in it. The human bionic robot’s face is same as that of the Bertolt Meyer’s face. Our bionic human robot also has a pair of ankles that are prepared for robots, and the feet are from BIOM which is from Bedford, Massachusetts, designed and worn by the Bio engineer Hugh Herr of MIT’s Media Lab, the person who lost his own legs after getting trapped in a blizzard as a teenager. In support with his legs, human bionic robot wears a robotic exoskeleton dubbed called “REX”, which is prepared by the REX Bionics in New Zealand.

The prepared human bionic robot also has all the artificial organs such as a heart, blood, lungs, windpipe, pancreas, pleen, kidney and functional circulatory system. But, our prepared human bionic robot does not own some of the major organs such as liver, stomach, and intestines which are too hard to fix in the laboratory. This prepared human bionic robot has the ability to restore limited sight in blind people called retinal prosthesis which is prepared by the Second Sight in Sylmar, California. The brain can mimic certain orders such as human brain. This human bionic robot has the ability to recognize human speech and speech production systems. This Robot is dumped with a chat-bot program that is used to carry on a conversation.

The prepared human bionic robot will be displayed at Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC this fall as this is the US debut at New York Comic Con.