Like the name suggests, security fasteners are the type of fixings that are often used when you need the reassurance of a fixing that won’t be easy to undo. They are often used in places such as security gates when you wouldn’t want any members of the general public to be able to remove the gate by undoing the fixing screws. They are also referred to a one way screws and are manufactured with smooth slots which make it difficult to remove with an ordinary screw driver.

Manufacturers of electrical items often use this type of fixing or screw to prevent anyone without specialist knowledge from trying to carry out their own repairs. They are a way of ensuring that the product is returned to an authorised dealer or repairer to prevent serious injury to the general public.
In DIY terms there are a number of occasions when the use of one of these types of fastener would be beneficial. We all know that insurance companies expect us to take reasonable care of our possessions, so to fulfil their requirements it’s a good idea to use this type of fastener on your hut door both for the hinges or a heavy duty hasp if you are planning to use a padlock to secure your belongings.

You may need to chain up your bicycle at your property but have nowhere suitable to do so. If that’s the case then you could always attach some type of metal ring to a wall. If you use a type of fixing that is very difficult to remove then it will deter thieves from stealing it.
There are many occasions where this type of fastener would be appropriate, the main ones being to prevent any unwanted persons entering places that are private or out of bounds.