Every company- big or small is only as good as its employees. Thus, it is important that you hire the right person for the right job and manage their time and roles effectively. However, to effectively manage an employee, you, as a business owner must first be organised. For each employee, you must keep track of attendance records, leave, training schedules, appraisals and much more. Managing this paperwork is a tedious exercise and many people find themselves putting it off for later and then regretting it. A better alternative is to have an employee management system that is integrated with electronic swipe cards. Apart from saving your time, some of the other benefits of this system include:

Do You Need An Employee Management System?

Helps maintain discipline

Keeping track of an employee’s time is one of the most important aspects of employee management. By syncing your management system with their swipe cards, you can get a clear understanding of how punctual each employee is, the number of days worked, overtime put in. with this data available at your fingertips, it becomes easy to spot and address issues like unapproved time off or reciprocal absenteeism. At the same time, it also makes it easy to recognise employees who should be rewarded for their hard work. This helps keep your work force motivated and disciplined.

Allows you to use an employee’s time optimally

Not all tasks require the same amount of time. In many cases, you may assign a small task to an employee and forget about it. Once the task has been completed, the employee has nothing to do and hence his time and your company’s time get wasted. A good employee management system breaks tasks down into hours and assigns tasks based on the employee’s time availability. This not only ensures that your team’s time is used wisely but also helps you keep track of the progress made in different projects.

Helps you achieve targets

While scheduling work, your employee management system maintains data to track current project schedule and compare it with the projected schedule. This helps you identify bottlenecks and address them. It also provides you with the required data to analyse your decisions and see if a change is required.

Streamlines administration

An employee management system automates pay calculation and makes maintaining time sheets and generating pay slips an easy task. It also removes the risk of mistakes in manual calculations and chances of employee data being misfiled. In addition, it lets you know when employees are available or occupied with a task without you having to call the respective department. Thus, this saves time for you, your HR department and your department heads.

Thus, an employee management system is a valuable asset for your organisation and your employees.