It’s a common occurrence; You look down at the Rolex on your wrist that was once upon a time your pride and joy and a symbol of all your success, only to see a sorry state of affairs looking back (A watch has a face, if it has a face, it must have eyes). The past few years have taken their tole and now the once outstanding display of horological mechanisms is a shell of it’s former self. It’s understandable that it has come to this. When you bought your Rolex, you swore you would only use it for special occasions, but as time went on no other watch compared. Slowly, you stopped wearing other watches, shunning them for your Rolex. As a result, your Rolex now needs a Rolex repair. It’s either that or throw it out, and no one is going to part your wrist from your Rolex.

A good Rolex repair will restore your Rolex to the pinnacle of it’s previous pride, prior to the pronounced presentation it now possesses. When it comes to Rolex repairs however, people have a misconception about the length of time and cost it will take. An arm, a leg, the soul of your firstborn, these are all price tags often mistakenly attached to a Rolex repair. The time also often comes up; what’s the point of sending away a watch for a year? How will I know it’s been a year if I don’t have my Rolex?!

The truth is a Rolex watch repair doesn’t have to be overly expensive or take one orbit of the sun by the Earth to complete.

Rolex Repairs Made Easy

I can hear your thoughts already. “This all sounds fantastic, but I’m not sending my prized Rolex halfway around the world to some con artist who it’s going to replace my Rolex parts with Casio knock offs” (Sorry Casio, I actually love your watches). Good news everybody, there are Rolex watch repair experts right on your doorstep. Rolex Watch Repairs London, Manchester, Glasgow and anywhere else in the UK are all able to access this service which returns your watch back to the condition it once was.

Even better is the fact that there are online watch repairs. This means you can complete the entire process from the comfort of your armchair. You simply send your watch away in a secure package and wait until the work is complete. Your watch is then sent back without any hassles or headaches and before you know it you are greeted with a watch in the condition it deserves to be.

How A Rolex Repair Can Help Your WatchHow a Rolex Repair Could Benefit the Well-Being of Your Watch

Knowing exactly what is going on with your Rolex is an important aspect for the customer which any professional repairs company should address. Making sure the service is transparent as possible should be the aim of any jewellery repairs company. The process of a Rolex service involves a host of tried and tested procedures with the objective getting the watch performing as it should.

Firstly, the Rolex is dismembered in order to gain access to all the moving parts. Everything that needs to be is then thoroughly cleaned using a variety of liquids and lubricants. The pieces are then polished to deeply clean any crevices which wouldn’t normally be reached. The parts are then dried and reassembled back together. Once the watch is in one piece, it is meticulously tested to make sure it is performing as a Rolex should. Once the watch is back to full health, it is sent back to you in a timely fashion. A professional repairs business with a service that never disappoints.